The Star Streams of NGC 5907

Image Credit & Copyright: R Jay Gabany (Blackbird Observatory) - collaboration; D.Martinez-Delgado(IAC, MPIA),

J.Penarrubia (U.Victoria) I. Trujillo (IAC) S.Majewski (U.Virginia), M.Pohlen (Cardiff) #APoD

Not sure why Youtube only has auto-generated Japanese captions for a video recorded in English, but thankfully they have an option to auto-translate the Japanese captions back into English.

I'm delighted to see that machine learning is able to recognize speech, translate it to Japanese, and then translate it back to English without losing anything in the process!

I can't stop falling in love with Ubuntu Touch. I use it daily since April now on my Fairphone 2. I hope that now that the merge of the recent Unity8 and Mir is done, they will focus more on stability and solve some bugs though.


#ubuntutouch #ubports

I'm living life without a Google (or Apple, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, ...) account. I did a little writeup of what I use to live a tech life:

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.

hey um sorry for that post i made earlier that was kinda guilt trippy,,

here is a baby gerenuk instead of me being mean

Mastodon feature request (thought) 

In case you missed it, HAIM's kind of on a roll... their previous video was also pretty cool: 

@kev Thanks for the very informative tutorial. Just starting a family instance here, and I'm going to point several people at your tutorial.

Planning to collect more yarrow today and make a second round of yarrow tincture, dry some tea...
Considering yarrow oil as well, but then I barely ever use oils... Anything else I should try?

#herb #herbal #remedy #nature #yarrow #medicine #health

Watch out for these nine TOXIC ingredients in your toothpaste. #health

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