There's really only three browser engines in the world (Blink, Webkit, Servo) and Mozilla appears to be clutching their chest:

we don't reinvent the wheel cause we need new wheels, we reinvent it cause we need new inventors

whats going on here? you guys can't live without me huh?

Thanks to various expressions of interest & support, I've freshened my old ForthOS. It builds its own GDT/IDT, has a proper RTC handler, and all I/O is interrupt based (previously it was a polled system). On qemu it no longer pegs the host CPU at 100%. It's still free, open source, and so forth. Try the new image disk image (source included):

Federated Networks Association Ry is a non-profit volunteer organization that aims to spread knowledge about federated web projects and help people and projects involved in this area.

His charactarisation of the US (corporate and gov't establishments) is bang on.

Editing podcasts seems a lot easier with brown liquor on hand (this time, scotch).

Any time you think University Professors are just ivory tower hothouse flowers, you can remember people like this:

If you ever wonder what a brilliant, eclectic mind would make of C19. May I introduce you to Dr. Ting?

Ouch, was offline for a buncha hours. I tried to sync to Linode's S3--worked OK. But tried to use s3fs to access the media files--and that was a train wreck. It has its own permission metadata, and unless you put your files IN through s3fs, you can't make the thing provide access to the web server.

it goes like 100x slower than AWS cli, so it's basically a non-starter here. I may try again with native S3 support directly from Mastodon, but gonna take a break.

Another, pretty balanced, article on Sweden's "light touch" approach to Covid. Notably, they don't factor in non-Covid deaths caused by the lockdown.

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