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This whole essay is great, and the first paragraph -- where Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy commiserate on how the editorial and "fact-checking" process used by mainstream media outlets is often used to homogenize everyone and eliminate individuality and creativity -- is funny. nitter.poast.org/mtracey/statu


Macron will sleep today under the French perfume from the Farmers hello The tractor driver Accurately Poured Directly into the Bedroom‼


Bitcoin skyrocketing from 30,000 to 40,000 right now

because new rumor says Amazon will be accepting bitcoin as payment method since October 2021

I developed podbrowser.org based on podcastindex.org

Feel free to use it to browse the podcast universe; the genius brain child of Adam Curry

@HealthRanger Crazy stuff! I wish I was your neighbor... stay on the air! Get your ham license, and broadcast on schedule if needed.

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Proud to see most of you aren’t even complaining about the Olympics. Instead you’re not watching at all. Our way of taking a knee to regime propagandists pretending to be “woke.” This is the way.

You should know something is wrong when they need to promote a deadly virus and nobody is dropping dead around you.


A Linux distro with a focus on simplicity and the concept of less is more

(submitted by kimburgess)

honestly don't know how people can allow their teeth to get to this point. just buy a dental pick for $5 at the drug store and carefully remove the tartar yourself wth
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Pictures from No Agenda Meet-up Mobile, Alabama on July 24th 2021: Lucas, J.W., Donald, Ambrose, Clay & Elizabeth (and their human resources) Lance & Buffy, Laura, Chad, Alex, Neal & Grace we're all in attendance. It was like a party!

“Free societies do not recoil at the power of satire. They recognize that all beliefs and ideologies are fair game. Once we delimit what can be satirized, we are no longer living in a free society.” — Gad Saad

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