Happy Thanksgiving!

Even if you’re not an American, you should take a moment and give thanks for something good in your life. Many of us on Fosstodon (and the fediverse, beyond) have the great privilege of access to technology that grants us the ability to be here.

#thanksgiving #thanks

Thanks to @kev and @mike for Fosstodon, and the team of amazing volunteers who help heard cats, er … uh, moderate this fine instance!


"Google creating a VPN is like Ted Bundy opening a women's shelter."

@silverseams Yay! Two dragons on the way. Here comes Christmas! Thanks, Karen.

Why can’t all the afraid people just stay home, order your goods & let the brave live free.

Why is that so hard?!

So...I was curious. I downloaded the Ontario CoVid dataset

Cases are green, Deaths are red - I scaled them so you can compare the curves.

I also redistributed this 111 deaths that they released last week that they said were from the summer. I didn't adjust for any more of the numerous data anomalies.

Looks like deaths aren't keeping up even 3-4 weeks after the "2nd wave"... 🤦‍♂️🙄

Why the fuck are we locking down again?

Upgraded a Ubuntu server here to Focal Fossa (groan). Lots of breakages, biggest pain caused by the changing of defaults to incompatible new ones. mysql defaults to an authentication which the php7 doesn't speak. libshoutcast3 forces TLS into existing configs, which breaks all my stream authoring.

And snaps everywhere. My God.

So on the "to do" list is to dump this and maybe use Devuan, or even Alpine.

It occurred to me that the whole Covid enforcement thing has consistently targeted specific kinds of gatherings: family/friends, bars, and churches. Which are exactly where people might talk and start to reject what's being done.

From the No Agenda podcast:

@MountainJay I can only imagine the propaganda they're foisting on people watching television 😬

vandys is now online playing Poppy - Pop Music! tune in here now: tilderadio.org/listen

Solomon Islands proposes banning FB. ABC "reporter" breaks out all the tools of the trade: sob stories, noble corporation, innuendo:


Hello everyone! If your ears are free, please join me in The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on #Tilderadio -- livestreaming in about 10 minutes! 001:00-02:00 UTC 👽✨

To tune in, go to:



radio.tildeverse.org/radio/800 (or radio.ogg)

... and if your fingers are also free, join us on IRC (chat)!

Go to


for instructions

or use your web browser:

kiwi.tilde.chat or web.tilde.chat 🤓👍

Tilderadio is Internet radio streamed by and for users of the #Tildeverse For more more info about our super secret community go to tildeverse.org

(LOL just kidding about 'super secret' 🤪🤪🤪)

See you soon!

Hey @CSB, remember how we were talking about how asymptomatic cases may not be contagious?

Tweet from Ivor Cummins (@FatEmperor), at 22 Nov, 7:27 pm - Wow! Just poublished, in Nature no less: Asymptomatic spread is not a thing. Our lockdowns of the healthy were largely for nothing, except to destroy societal health.
The Chinese KNOW, and now WE do too
So 2019 WHO guidelines were correct: no asymptomatic quarentine recommended🤨 t.co/pb6ouJyMPm


Making espresso for me & the wife, and sharing mellow Sunday tunes with all of you!


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