Here's a nicely done booklet on Covid, maybe something even a pre-Woke might find of interest. Nothing new as such, but it's convenient to have it all in a well-organized pamphlet.

Using some locally grown wood for my van conversion, but it needs truing up. Took a while for the old muscle memory to meet up with my jack plane, but it worked out.

So much has changed in one year:

* NYC was one of my fave places in the world - now I don't know if I will ever go back

* Toronto was my home and now we are in Florida

* Friends and family have taken different routes

* I used to be a food blogger & marketer and now I am launching a new platform

Change is never easy or simple but thankfully while some doors close, others open


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven 140,000 recipes in machine readable format

I have not used these, but there's software like Anymeal to search and display

Shout out to the people at @opensourcegardens for sending me some lovely seeds with open-source license: tomatoes, peppers, wheat and corn. I'm sure it's gonne be a great journey.
Thank you so much, Fediverse, for the opportunity of meeting great people and great projects :blobheart:

About 75 years ago, Herman Göring, testified at the Court in Nürnberg, was asked:

- How did you get the German people to accept all this?

He replied:

- ′′ It was very simple, it has nothing to do with Nazism, it has something to do with Humans. You can do it in a Nazi, socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want."

I removed the paywall to this article so everyone van read how Austin's City Management and Mayor Adler are fucking retarded.

My friend and I were drinking, and has he tipped his drink back, I noted "you're killing your brain cells" 

He answered, "Yes, but only the _weak_ ones".

I am reading an old Sci-Fi book, and at one point, the leader of the Army told the Generals she was going to decimate their troops. She proceeded to tell them to take the worst 10% and send them packing.

So, there is someone who knows what decimate means....

Because Zoom school is quite stupid, my son and I have been going over what we will be discussing next year when we start our homeschooling. Can’t wait for it! 😁

Programming Language with Only One Command and the Operating System Built on It

(submitted by weare138)

If you need a good laugh, here's a story by a long-time blogger of what he did when he found all his steak knives had gone missing.

I'm just tickled when I find a bit of technology which is easy to use, and solves my problem elegantly.

I'm running my old Firefox OS Nexus 5, and have a pdf I want to view. I threw together a small page with an input type=file, next/prev nav, and Mozilla's pdf.js.

Boom. It lets me pick an order pdf from my downloads, and puts it up on the screen.

Based on:

Piece of shit article in a piece of shit publication. Why do I care about what Fauci will do?

In the business articles like this are known generically as "Blow Jobs."

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