It was my turn to make espresso this morning. My wife returned her drink, untasted.


People who pay attention are seeing it, but it doesn't pay for the Democrat-Media Complex to be positive (aside from praising the job Gov. Cuomo is doing, for example.)

Maybe today's press conference is intended as a bit of reverse psychology on the media. If President Trump thinks things are going to be tough, they'll start reporting things aren't so bad, just to say he's "wrong"... 🤔

This just made my day.

My 15 year-old daughter has been watching movies with her friends during the quarantine and they talk on Discord during it.

Me: "What are you guys watching tonight?"

Her: "Well, imagine like Spaceballs, but for Lord of the Rings. It's called Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

😂 Dead

33 minutes till #NoAgenda live stream, and I expect following topics to be covered by my slavic bro Dvorak and @adam today:

- is Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt a couple again?

- is Angelina Jolie angry or chill?

- are Dvorak's ants still there in his house or they emigrated to Mexico?

- what is current Dvorak's favourite formula for meaty dish?

- what marijuana was AC smoking recently?

- what happened in Netherlands recently: possibly related to marijuana?

- Austin news



2 shots rye
1 shot Campari
1 shot Sweet Vermouth
Shake in ice-filled shaker

Lemon zest in each glass

Serves two

@ProfWorr matey, you really really really

really really really

really really really


really really need to watch Devs TV show.

It's merely science fiction TV show but in last episode they were discussing exactly wave particle duality in context of quantum mechanics, determinism and visualising it all.

I feel like we're up at that line between "abundance of caution" and "cowardice"

@vandys @prchrskd one technician can operate about 10 units simultaneously


I remember my $500 Bush stimulus check. The following tax year the form asked me if I received the stimulus payment. I marked yes and it reduced my tax return by about $450 dollars.

That stimulus check was really just a tax return advance loan. I'll be holding my money in my bank account and making no changes to my existing spending plans.

I'm not getting kicked by that mule again.

Now that season 1 of Picard ended

“Devs” TV show is the best science-fiction TV show in USA airing new episodes, better than Westworld season 3.

I always wondered why the gob of actor who plays in “Devs” the head of security at Amaya looks familiar to me and now I know: he is half Polish: “Grenier's mother, who was of Polish descent, met his father when he was working as a sound engineer at WBNX in the Bronx”

Pity he plays such evil unlikable character.

Fuck me for saying this, but best experienced on a smartphone:

My Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon now has an easy-to-remember URL: ! (Right now it just points to the Github page, but I'm planning on making it a proper website with, you know, styling and all that, at some point.)

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