Snowden and Doctorow book discussion Zoom event, hot take 

Just saw that this is happening, and that it's a Zoom event. While I understand that this is them plugging in to some existing system, I'm disappointed in these two in particular for not demanding the use of a video sharing platform that is *not* a privacy dumpster fire for an event sharing their books about cyber security, specifically to children.

As a community herbalist I'm constantly reviewing what I know or think I know about how to treat an illness or condition. Here are two excellent COVID-19 articles by herbalist Gail Faith Edwards:

Even if you don't work with herbs, you'll find, in the second article, some familiar "kitchen herbs" you can take.

When homeschooling isn't going well, and the subject matter is the environment and heat, you take a break for a fire in the forest.
We'll hit the books later.

I wasn't expecting to start backing a 2024 candidate for president already, but this is the leadership I want. Almost everyone else on both sides kinda sucks right now, at least compared to this.

Hey @Johncdvorak thank you for the great article on why Trump lost!

It's already a long piece, which is why I assume you didn't even touch on the Covid sabotage of the economy, as well as the emergence of the violent direct action arm of the Dems (Antifa) and their gutting of downtowns and intimidation of political opponents.

This is my son’s assignment for social studies. He had to write out an inauguration speech as if he were the president. I hope @adam will be proud of what my son said that his most important duty was! 😁

I rolled my eyes at the topics the teacher said he should cover in his speech but I think he did a good job at covering what she wanted and still getting his point across. 😁

Somewhat related, and the No Agenda podcast touched on this police action against vitamin C treatment.

'President Biden, have you declared martial law?'

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is calling for the National Guards to go home to their families, as it's announced many troops are set to remain in Washington DC over so-called continued threats to Congress.

She called it shameful that the soldiers had been 'discarded' and forced to stay in dire conditions.

My herbalist wife gave me some URL's to share, with a few comments:

"These naturopaths are for vaccines. That doesn't automatically invalidate for me
what they say, but their bias/purpose definitely makes me want to look to sources
that don't have vaccine use as a mission statement :)."

"Preprint (not peer reviewed) article"


We need to go back to an Internet where everyone hosts their own blog. Decentralize, people!

@MountainJay They have found Ivermectin to be a very good therapeutic for Covid-19. Links to the peer reviewed articles. Why should we be test subjects for their new mRNA vaccine when there are very effective therapeutics that exist? The vaccines seem to have a horrible safety profile.


Right, imagine if you were running an op against them.

That said, I can't imagine any serious operation which would _have_ to stay down this long. At this point, remaining down is at least partially by choice. The victim card's working for them, it's embarrassing Amazon, something along those lines.

It's a mistake to put the least credible people our civilization has ever produced in charge of reporting the news to the rest of us. But it's a worse mistake to believe them.

"I began my life as a Democrat…I became Republican during the Reagan administration…and then I decided the Republican Party is a bunch of douchebags too… [and] I realized you can be something that's even beyond independent: non-affiliated." — @Johncdvorak #noagenda 1303

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