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If you are interested where the artwork is based on. Jheronimus (Jeroen) Bosch was a famous Dutch painter. He created some wicked pieces of art in the early 1500's. Mostly Hell with a little bit of Heaven with very small details.
Tuin der Lusten (Garden of Earthly Delights):

A renowned virologist and former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, recently warned against the dangers of the experimental COVID-19 gene-transfer vaccines, encouraged the un-jabbed to “stay unvaccinated,” and predicted an inevitable “collapse of our health system” due to health complications in the vaccinated.


"Do I envision myself as some elite specially trained soldier…nope. However, digital soldiers are a thing and given the landscape of fake news, propaganda, total lack of journalism, and hate displayed by Con Inc. and the mainstream media, I stand resolutely defiant to their lies and prepare myself whatever I can do for the cause of truth."


Returning from Egypt in the morning. This place is like totally disengaged from Covid. Virtually no masks, life goes on as normal.

100 million people with 20k Covid deaths. I mean, it's like the place just refuses to play along with the script. So good!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand that Apple, Google, or Amazon can simply _decide_ to remove access to anything you've "purchased", including many physical goods (if they are internet-connected and running proprietary software), and you have absolutely no recourse.

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I remember, back before a terrifying amount of it turned out to be true, that I would love tuning in Alex Jones while driving long haul during the late night hours. Just the right balance of oddities, interesting tidbits which might be true, and true showmanship.

Make Alex Jones fiction again!


🎯🎯🎯 Vietnam; 120 children hospitalized, the administration of the Pfizer vaccine batch is suspended ❗

The question of the variability and contamination of batches of the Pfizer vaccine, against C19, has not been raised in the mainstream legacy media, 👉Vietnam denounces the issue and suspends administration to children❗👇 e.vnexpress.net/news/news/120-

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Natural Immunity is accepted by TheScience, Europe, …

Seems everyone but CNN and the Biden Administration got the message.

Now CNN is waking-up.

We’re losing patience, Slow Joe. t.co/flbn4H4ATE

This thought has been kicking around my brain for 30 years and counting

Aussie friends visited us last night. Their nation's a shit-show worse than you know. J. Walker Red - $100+. Cigs, $70 per pack. $5k fine for venturing beyond your zone. They are emigrating to USA.
Guns matter.

Trump supporters wouldn’t wear masks.
They wouldn’t wear a makeshift uniform.
They wouldn’t wear knee pads.
They wouldn’t tie their combat boots over their khakis.
C’mon. 😂 twitter.com/PolitiBunny/status

1/ Part of the upcoming v21.12 release of @postmarketOS will be a modern mobile-config-firefox. I've just tagged 3.0.0_rc1 and made it available in postmarketOS edge for wider testing.

This is the biggest release so far, highlights:
* FF >= 91 compatibility
* navigation bar moved to bottom (thanks to plata-gl)
* reader view made adaptive (thanks to @blendergeek)
* much less UI glitches, no more tiny font hacks
* u-block origin installed by default

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