Even with all the eyes of the world on them, US cops can't stop killing and maiming people, ramming cars into crowds, shooting at nurses and journalists, pepper spraying kids and pregnant women... Not just a few cops, not just one department, but systematically across the US. ACAB



When your back window caves in and somebody enters your house at 2AM, you have two options. You can be proficient with violence and go downstairs and handle it yourself. Or you're going to call 911 and ask for somebody to act on your behalf.

I can do the former (say, in the top 25% of the population). But it's a sucky solution. You can't just spray hate on the current solution. We need a better morphing of what it is into what it should/could be.

@vandys @Gargron anecdotes are not the same as systemic police brutality. Get your head out of your butt.

@vandys and if you take the second solution, the cops will either do nothing, execute a petty thief on the spot, or kill you and your dog


Actually, at least around here the numbers still say they'll probably show up and help. I agree that the odds of the eventualities you listed are higher than we should accept as a society!

I really doubt making them hated, defunded, and embattled is the right path forward. The danger is to try for the middle path and have it degenerate into status quo.

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