@FuchsiaShock And how many lost their lives to your policy in exchange?

@vandys How many lost their lives to me socially distancing and being careful to avoid being a vector for viral transmission via handwashing and mask usage? I'm gonna be pretty sure that's a zero, bud.

@FuchsiaShock OTOH, mask mandates have no correspondence with deflecting any curve--and in some cases, a negative correlation. Theory: people feel an unwarranted increase of safety, as they fiddle their mask, then touch products, doors, money, card terminals, ....

OTOH, the culture of fear is a part of the destruction of our economy, especially hard on the poor. And _that_ has demonstrably killed many people.

Cold, hard numbers, bud.

@vandys the economy fucking the poor over first in any time of difficulty is not unique to the pandemic or caused by people trying to slow the spread of the pandemic, it's a core function of capitalism.
there's a cold hard fact for you.


@FuchsiaShock Dunno where you live, but here in the Pacific NW what has been done to the poor, marginal, and small business owners is unprecedented in all of my life. And I (as you no doubt can guess) am fairly old.

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