Welp, I ventured into the fediverse and did not like what I saw... Feel like I need to go to church now.

@AndrewTheGreat I go scouting for 'non-noagenda' input. I'm not on mastadon just for noagenda web. The fediverse is HUGE. 'Block' what you don't like and move on.

@paul_la ya sometimes I get some interesting non NA stuff but man there's some really messed up stuff on there.


@AndrewTheGreat @paul_la

I don't sweep the Fediverse very often, but I do accept that it's going to be 99% garbage. But I follow the 1%, and over time, about 25% of them are keepers.

But combined with discovering people through boosts, I end up with a pretty useful cross section.

I fear the echo chamber more than I fear some transient ugliness on my screen.

@vandys @paul_la that's a good point theres always the risk of creating an echo chamber. And I've also found some good posts/people to follow. But man sometimes I come across stuff that is really unpleasant.

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