I have some hope the scamdemic ends in July. It seems that all the compromised bureaucrats are pushing for as many vxns in the arm as possible until then. Here's some info on the emergency authorization process in Europe: ema.europa.eu/en/human-regulat

A monthly evaluation and a one year limit for it to be renewed completely. However data submission begins six months prior. Hence, July.


I don't see any way that we don't have a new "surge" of something (probably a Covid variant) in the Fall, and a new round of masking/lockdown/etc. We have given tyrants their first taste of crack, and their need for the next hit will never stop.

@vandys 3 weeks of discipline and coordination and the worst would be over. What would the "tyrants" do then?

@patrick Maybe 3 weeks in Germany. Call it 3 months in the USA. I think your observation is solid, but building a critical mass of disciplined and coordinated citizens will take more than 3 weeks or 3 months.

Worth doing, no doubt about it.

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