This is a Case 931 Comfort King. Bought it yesterday off a retiring farmer. It's a 90 HP tractor, 80 at the PTO, and 70 at the drawbar. Should do the trick for my haying needs for many years to come.

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It doesn't look big enough to be cranking out those HP ratings! My 40HP (modern) is way bulkier.

That's way beyond the bog standard Cat 1 implements, is it Cat 3?

@vandys cat 2. it does look small in pictures, it has s short wheelbase which I suspect helps the small appearance. I'm 5' 11" and it's taller than me. also, new tractors can do a lot more than less HP I've found, partially because of engineering and such and partially because new implements require less HP.

a modern round baler can be run on a 40HP tractor. But the older ones need at least 65 to get even close to a decent pressure for baling.

Back in the day, horsepower wasn't measured using a dynamometer...

36hp example below:

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Leave to a beautiful lady to make an ass out of me!

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In my day we metricized it, slapped a cool German name on it, and called it Pferdestärke.

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