Hmmm, I've just been reading up a bit on TOR & I'm tempted to leave deploying it up to the OS (integration into network settings would be great!)... I'm not 100% sure whether or not the `torsocks` command would be enough to Torify Rhapsode, but Tor can certainly be configured as the system HTTPS proxy with Rhapsode respecting that!

Or you could mess with the DNS resolver to understand *.onion addresses? Could do this within Rhapsode but I think it'd be best done outside.


I certainly like the privacy aspect of TOR, but my bigger motivation is to let websites decide they can sacrifice human readable identifiers for decentralization.

The "Zooko's Triangle" theory I'm working from being that between decentralization, human readability, & uniqueness an identifier can only have two. (Unless you use blockchain!) While I'm generally happier leaving naming to the OS (I've got enough to do), I'm not happy with us all renting identifiers from ICANN.


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So the DNS is one form of sacrificing decentralization for human readability & uniqueness, whilst TOR Hidden Services (did:onion:*, *.onion) or IP addresses sacrafices human readability for decentralization & uniqueness.

That leaves me to implement some form "nicknames" to sacrifice uniqueness. Not entirely sure what that would involve here whilst ensuring sites link where they expect, but I doubt it's something I can offload to the OS where all internet apps can benefit... Thoughts?

3/3 Fin

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@alcinnz A technique which has bounced around for IPv4 is to use short words for the four octets of an address. So might be instead con,boy,ash,pet

Code at:

(IPv6 left as an exercise for the reader! 🤯 )

We don't care for HSv3 for this reason of terrible #useability.

A heap of entropy could have been gained by making #Tor addresses 17 charaters, then using additional entropy to colour parts of URL text/bar, depending on choice of #webDeveloper.

Eg. If #webDev sees they get a great colour of #URLBar they can use that for design, if they get matching colours when highlighting the first 8 and last 3 letters of URL, they can do that.

Must use full entropy for #API #URL tho.


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