Huh, some locals here are using Telegram to talk about vaccine issues. My wife wanted in, so I helped get it set up on her "burner" (i.e., runs Google play services) phone. As a part of that, I did open my own account for testing.

This morning I saw it was logged out. When I tried to re-login, it told me I was banned. Why? No idea. I didn't do anything except some test calls and follows.

Centralized services just suck. There's no way around it.

@vandys Strange. I've been using Telegram as my only messaging application since ~2014 and it's never kicked me out. Can't you email the developers? Maybe it was an automated thing detecting your cellphone the wrong way.

@vandys Could be your IP address is known to them. Do you use a VPN and/or Tor?

@HSTG Nope, just plain old Comcast...

But again, centralized. Why? Why do people love services where some random group just makes up whatever rules they want, and you get to guess what they are and whether you've broken them?

@vandys You may want to look into obfuscating your IP address. Comes in handy.

@vandys Doesn't take much to get banned. Got kicked off For having said I got Covid and didn't die.

@HSTG The great thing about the Fediverse is that one single instance (Mastodon, Pleroma, whatever) does not define the social network. If you're on an instance and the owner doesn't like what you say, you can move to another, still within the same overall network.

@vandys I know I love it. You even get a chance to troll them over it.

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