GNU Social has always been, and will always be, readable and usable without JavaScript.

The prime directive

Modern looking, consistent and accessible UI across all browsers. Non-JS version as the primary focus, JS is optional and should be regarded as such.…

Optionally there will be some small use cases where JS makes sense (it's the only thing modern browsers understand e.e)

For example, cropping your avatar before uploading a new one.

This is the only example until now.


@clacke Does anybody know a site on the Fediverse which is running on GNU Social? How does it compare to Mastodon or Pleroma? What do you gain/lose? Is it pleasant to live with? Does it interoperate OK?

This reply comes from which runs GS v2 and supports ActivityPub. There are some older nodes out there that only support OStatus and can't federate with Pleroma>=2 and Mastodon>=3.

It's not my main, so I don't quite know what it's like to use it as a daily driver.

The UI is a bit dated, but we'll see what happens in v3.
It strips some formatting in posts, even more than Mastodon does.
I believe v2 only federates public posts over AP.
I expect the backend runs on far smaller resources than Mastodon does, but maybe not as light as Pleroma.
Easy to deploy, just good old LAMP.
The frontend runs well on far lighter devices than Mastodon and Pleroma, of course.
@vandys There is an automatically updated list at -- look for version 2 and open signups.

@vandys These are the servers running GNU Social on newer versions with some ActivityPub support:

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