What's really going on?

Do we live in parallel universes?

Is @DuaneCates correct and Two Worlds have Collided?

Here we see that Biden has ordered a buildup of capacity and infrastructure in Guam (perhaps unsurprising) and in Australia (VERY interesting if one connects this to the AUKUS submarine deal)

I have described the AUKUS as a de facto new strategic security pact.

If you combine the intergenerational aspects of the very long term submarine deal...

...with the just-announced increase in other areas of military activity/cooperation with Australia, you get something that looks very much like a new strategic alignment, a pact, between the US, UK, and Australia.

"In Australia, you'll see new rotational fighter and bomber aircraft deployments, you'll see ground forces training and increased logistics cooperation, and more broadly across the Indo-Pacific, you'll see a range of infrastructure improvements, in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Australia," Karlin said during the briefing.

So, strategic air superiority and strike aircraft are going to be flying into Australia from the USA on a regular basis.

USA ground forces are going to be there in greater numbers and training together with the Australians.

And increased logistics cooperation suggests strategic lift aircraft, navy and commercial shipping resources will be integrated further.

All of this is going to be accompanied with increased infrastructure, i.e., lots of military construction projects in Australia.

"The moves have been prompted by the Department of Defense's global posture review, which President Joe Biden ordered Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to undertake shortly after taking office in February. Austin started the global posture review in March."

"The Biden administration has made countering China its main foreign policy priority as tensions have increased with Beijing, particularly over the issue of Taiwan and senior Pentagon officials have publicly expressed alarm about China's efforts to upgrade and modernize its military. "

"Overall, the US had "something like 75 consultations," with allies and partners when putting together the review, among them "NATO allies, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and over a dozen partners across the Middle East and Africa," Karlin said."

Ok...wait a minute.

CNN is telling us WITH NAMED SOURCES (shock!) that

1. Biden and his SecDef are working hard to counter China/CCP ambitions/aggressions

2. Pretty much immediately upon entering office, Biden ordered his SecDef to conduct a review to identify means to essentially extend and amplify Trump's policy of keeping CCP/China in a box.

3. Biden undertook extensive consultations with MANY nations to do #2 above.

NATO allies would include UK, party to AUKUS submarine deal.


@Andre I wonder if the Biden Regime has found themselves with their toes right up to the "high treason" line, and somebody told them about tribunals?


I do not discount this as a possibility, even a likelihood.

@Andre @DuaneCates @vandys

Another possibility?

This was all in the works before Biden took office, and he was instructed to continue the buildup, and to continue to follow the plan that had already been set in motion before he was put in place........

This being his idea is most likely a charade, considering his previous (and probably ongoing) ties to the CCP.

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