The engagement on Truth Social is amazing!

It's a slick piece of software. That's for sure!

I hit 1,000 followers in 3 days. It took me months to do that on Gab, and I thought the engagement was great there!

Thank you, DJT!

If you have an account over there, and you would like to follow me, this is my account:


@TearGasBreakfast OTOH, it seems like there's a large number of follow-bots. They see you post or even boost, and then follow you. Like, seconds later.


There are a ton of bots. That's for sure.

I check each person that follows me to see if they have been posting before I follow back.

Somewhere around 10%-15% have zero posts ever.

It will be interesting to see how they address the bot problem. That's always a hurdle for social media companies. The current mess at Twitter is a perfect example.

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