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Cool slowmo video from reddit of a drop of water falling onto a sharp point.

Walked to our local pond, "Fisher Pond". Old maps called it "Frenchman's Pond", but not even old timers can say why.

Massive water lily presence. I think it's going to become "Fisher Meadow" in a couple decades.

Took a walk to the local pond (well, the trails in the surrounding forest). I'll get to the pond itself tomorrow.

Man, it's almost like they're leafing through their copy of 1984, making sure they didn't miss any pointers. Next up in my community: the Two Minutes Hate.

Whenever I see the lines of people--6 feet apart--in their masks, my mind goes back...

Hey, wonder how much confidence I should have in our hosting provider. Their front page!

Fresh bread in the sunsghine, with our chicken yard in the background.

It was my turn to make espresso this morning. My wife returned her drink, untasted.

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