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This is a first, the wind mounded the snow up against our front door.

My RAM Prormaster, in the planning phases for its campervan conversion. In the meantime, and epic dump run is possible.

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

-- Thomas Jefferson

Tried my hand at a Negroni for the first time tonight.

Wrong type of glass, will need to fix that!

It occurred to me that the whole Covid enforcement thing has consistently targeted specific kinds of gatherings: family/friends, bars, and churches. Which are exactly where people might talk and start to reject what's being done.

From the No Agenda podcast:

Just finished a first round of actual dev work on a Raspberry PI-400. It's a Pi4 built into a keyboard, running of an SD card. It easily has enough performance to compile/debug, run Firefox or Chrome, and in general be a desktop machine. I'm very impressed!

I remember when the subject of knife fights came up, and my father (LT., USMC, ret.) proceeded to give us a primer on how to fight with edged weapons (hint: upward strokes work better than downward).

I'm pretty sure my mother pulled him aside shortly afterward.

I believe this is the moment when Pelosi realized that she would cause harm--or even death--to any man, woman, child, citizen, or alien. She decided to foster any lie, and support any violence. Without code, without reference to her oath of office.


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