Snowden and Doctorow book discussion Zoom event, hot take 

Just saw that this is happening, and that it's a Zoom event. While I understand that this is them plugging in to some existing system, I'm disappointed in these two in particular for not demanding the use of a video sharing platform that is *not* a privacy dumpster fire for an event sharing their books about cyber security, specifically to children.


It's the ability to bet that a stock price will go down.


Welcome to the Fediverse! It's a little bit of the Wild West, but if you believe enough in yourself to get here--you'll be fine. More than fine.

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I bought a set of resistance bands finally. It feels really good to get some muscle group strength training going again. The bands are nice & cheap, so I might get another set so I can leave a couple configurations ready to go (biceps, triceps, row, etc.).

As a community herbalist I'm constantly reviewing what I know or think I know about how to treat an illness or condition. Here are two excellent COVID-19 articles by herbalist Gail Faith Edwards:

Even if you don't work with herbs, you'll find, in the second article, some familiar "kitchen herbs" you can take.


I've been thinking about the tactics of HR1.

It mandates mail-in, no voter verification, and ballot harvesting.

At first glance, it's a cheat-a-thon, two parties can play.

But if you look at the _huge_ difference between how Antifa was treated most of 2020, and the single "Trump demonstration", you realize that Wray and the FBI are dedicated to selective enforcement.

So Dems cheat--they win. Republicans cheat, and they'll have agents all of them like a cheap suit.

When homeschooling isn't going well, and the subject matter is the environment and heat, you take a break for a fire in the forest.
We'll hit the books later.

I wasn't expecting to start backing a 2024 candidate for president already, but this is the leadership I want. Almost everyone else on both sides kinda sucks right now, at least compared to this.

Hey @Johncdvorak thank you for the great article on why Trump lost!

It's already a long piece, which is why I assume you didn't even touch on the Covid sabotage of the economy, as well as the emergence of the violent direct action arm of the Dems (Antifa) and their gutting of downtowns and intimidation of political opponents.

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I certainly support Ms. McEnany, but there is _no_ way I'm forgetting that Fox is just another backstab waiting to happen.


> (HR 1)

It's now in focus. The impeachment is to distract, but also to justify the troops remaining. The (ideologically vetted) troops are actually needed for when Soviet-style "voting" is passed.

HR 1 has to sidestep a filibuster, or pass under sequestration. The latter--plus the bill itself--require Roberts to be on board. It's going to require some more of the juice which got Obamacare blessed.

This is my son’s assignment for social studies. He had to write out an inauguration speech as if he were the president. I hope @adam will be proud of what my son said that his most important duty was! 😁

I rolled my eyes at the topics the teacher said he should cover in his speech but I think he did a good job at covering what she wanted and still getting his point across. 😁

Somewhat related, and the No Agenda podcast touched on this police action against vitamin C treatment.

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The 2021 minimum wage in Seattle is $16.69/hour. Apparently, they're in second place (by $0.15/hour) behind Emeryville, CA.


The Pyra handheld PC has been in development for, whew, many years now. 99% of the time projects this late just fade away, so kudos to them for sticking with it. I hope the long-suffering owners receive an enjoyable device!


Is Tulsi Gabbard thinking about jumping across away from the Dems? She's acting intelligent and sensible, thus not much of a fit for the Dems any more.

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