I have a theory that most political/cultural issues eventually are won by whichever side is having fun during the “discussion”.

It’s super weird that things have swung so far that Christians, Republicans and even libertarians have ended up on the “fun” side.

That tells me everything I need to know about how terrible the wokies are.

@SirTruckDriver If you have a CDL, then they need you WAY more than you need them!


The only solution to the establishment of the GOP is to form a new one and for people to actually join and vote accordingly, but in the process the nation would hand democrats massive wins. That price is too high if it can't be coordinated overnight

Designed with a fully owner-controlled CPU domain, you can audit and modify any portion of the open source firmware on the Talos™ II mainboard, all the way down to the CPU microcode. This is an unprecedented level of access for any modern workstation- or enterprise-class machine, and one that is increasingly needed to assure safety and compliance with new regulations, such as the EU's GDPR.


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@yukiame If the net goes down, or is partitioned? No power? If they show up and grab your disk, then unlock it (rubber hose cryptography)?

BTC has its own set of dependencies/assumptions.

@AndrewTheGreat @Mummabear I have given up on most streaming services like Netflix.

After the pandemic, I can hardly handle Hollywood flicks that I used to enjoy.

It has been a good time to get back into books.

@pendleton There's a lot of Covid around here. Weak variant, but all signs are that the vaccines have also weakened many immune systems. The pattern is the unvaccinated get it and shake it off in a few days. The fully vaccinated (we're up to 4 jabs!) get very, very sick. 3-4 weeks to recovery, that sort of thing.

Along with the "died suddenly" sh*t, which seems to run in parallel.

@yukiame BTC as hedge against fiat currency, OK. But what about other precious commodities (gold, silver, diamonds, etc.)?


There are a ton of bots. That's for sure.

I check each person that follows me to see if they have been posting before I follow back.

Somewhere around 10%-15% have zero posts ever.

It will be interesting to see how they address the bot problem. That's always a hurdle for social media companies. The current mess at Twitter is a perfect example.

@TearGasBreakfast OTOH, it seems like there's a large number of follow-bots. They see you post or even boost, and then follow you. Like, seconds later.


Ukraine is becoming the dumping ground of old, obsolete weapons so that 'western' nations can virtue signal to each other.

I previously wrote about the end-of-life Stingers and Javelins that the USA was dumping on Ukraine. It has then been pointed out to me that recent media reports corroborated the more historical documents that I read for the thread.

I pointed out other examples of stuff the US was dumping in Zelensky's back pocket.

I then went off on how this may be a fit with...

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