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Just watched Under Siege again a couple nights ago. A movie so weak I just can't help but love it!


Sounds like you're finding yourself a Dua Lipa fan! Be sure to check out the "New Rules" video if you haven't already.

Here's a nicely done booklet on Covid, maybe something even a pre-Woke might find of interest. Nothing new as such, but it's convenient to have it all in a well-organized pamphlet.



Her whole 2020 album Future Nostalgia is a lot of fun. Track #7 "Hallucinate" is my personal favorite.

Using some locally grown wood for my van conversion, but it needs truing up. Took a while for the old muscle memory to meet up with my jack plane, but it worked out.


Gutsy, but poor choice of weapon (given you're avoiding guns) for close-in, multiples. I'd have gone katana.


It doesn't look big enough to be cranking out those HP ratings! My 40HP (modern) is way bulkier.

That's way beyond the bog standard Cat 1 implements, is it Cat 3?


> (replacement for Mailchimp)

Gmail and friends have successfully re-centralised email (in the name of spam control). So bulk emailing will also be inherently centralised, thus the very limited choices. substack will, at some point, either stand strong--and be blacklisted by the email monopolists. Or fold, and there you are. Again.

The Fediverse would work, but it push based, so spam can be a problem. RSS is pull, thus hard to spam.

@patrick Maybe 3 weeks in Germany. Call it 3 months in the USA. I think your observation is solid, but building a critical mass of disciplined and coordinated citizens will take more than 3 weeks or 3 months.

Worth doing, no doubt about it.


I don't see any way that we don't have a new "surge" of something (probably a Covid variant) in the Fall, and a new round of masking/lockdown/etc. We have given tyrants their first taste of crack, and their need for the next hit will never stop.


Mailchimp pulling the plug was, to me, a matter of _when_, not if. I couldn't fathom why John wasn't working to be ready for that. I hope this is a wakeup call for him.

(I also always hated that all the URL's are Mailchimp intercepted.)

John's RSS feed from substack delivered the message OK, as did Adam's own RSS feed. And, of course, the pointer from Adam here over to that same article.


I love your optimistic take. Why do you think they'll stop with your dog?

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I don't sweep the Fediverse very often, but I do accept that it's going to be 99% garbage. But I follow the 1%, and over time, about 25% of them are keepers.

But combined with discovering people through boosts, I end up with a pretty useful cross section.

I fear the echo chamber more than I fear some transient ugliness on my screen.

So much has changed in one year:

* NYC was one of my fave places in the world - now I don't know if I will ever go back

* Toronto was my home and now we are in Florida

* Friends and family have taken different routes

* I used to be a food blogger & marketer and now I am launching a new platform

Change is never easy or simple but thankfully while some doors close, others open


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @readsteven thehoseys.org/buster/recipes.h 140,000 recipes in machine readable format

I have not used these, but there's software like Anymeal to search and display


I knew nothing about this gentleman when James Delingpole brought him on. Cue the bright lights turning on!



I worried that they would seed TX/FL with something. Hopefully state-level investigation plus whatever the military can quietly supply will run this down quickly.

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