Tucker Carlson on a roll

He's doing great ratings on Fox, hits some solid points, and I guess the establishment is starting to notice.


@darius Don't forget that doing an iOS app means you pay Apple money each year for the privilege of adding value to their proprietary walled garden.


And in California, singing in church is outlawed. Sheesh, talk about the day the music died.


Except this only works if the death rate tracks the case rate. So far, the data says "no".


Pretty simple. Police are community members, handling a necessary function.

The more you aren't part of the community, the more you take on the role of an occupying force. That's a military problem, thus a solution which looks military.

Aquatic Ambience in Milkytracker progress thread 

Aquatic Ambience in Milkytracker progress thread 

Aquatic Ambience in Milkytracker progress thread 

How come it's other disciplines which have do the math on what works and what doesn't? How did the medical leadership become a bunch of bullies, rather than proactive advocates for the population?


So here we are with the most expensive health care system with the worst results (1st world). And our medical people have finally written a prescription which even the USA economy can't afford.


Um yeah, maybe just another shot of Jaeger instead... 🤯

@bigl0af So why do these enormous graphics come out from foxfam.club, which are then served from your server at like dialup modem speeds?

@ProfWorr @nostradamust Aurora North? So walking distance to the Dancing Bare nudie bar? Lucky dog.

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