It was my turn to make espresso this morning. My wife returned her drink, untasted.

@coldacid @ProfWorr @Bishop This is totally not where I expected that second sentence to go.

@ProfWorr @adam

I thought their point about *revenue* was very interesting. Media has lots of eyeballs right now, but revenue is in free fall (our local paper just furloughed pretty much everybody and doesn't know when the next issue comes out). The reporters will keep flogging fear, but look for the editors and owners to start pulling on the chain.

No economy == no advertisers, duh.


People who pay attention are seeing it, but it doesn't pay for the Democrat-Media Complex to be positive (aside from praising the job Gov. Cuomo is doing, for example.)

Maybe today's press conference is intended as a bit of reverse psychology on the media. If President Trump thinks things are going to be tough, they'll start reporting things aren't so bad, just to say he's "wrong"... 🤔

@silverseams To be fair, some home crafting skills and supplies are well into the practical realm. I feel like it's legit for them to stay open, just like I feel that hardware stores are essential.

@SirBemrose The Supremes "clarified" that quite a while ago. By my reading of their previous rulings, they can absolutely do this.

This just made my day.

My 15 year-old daughter has been watching movies with her friends during the quarantine and they talk on Discord during it.

Me: "What are you guys watching tonight?"

Her: "Well, imagine like Spaceballs, but for Lord of the Rings. It's called Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

😂 Dead

33 minutes till #NoAgenda live stream, and I expect following topics to be covered by my slavic bro Dvorak and @adam today:

- is Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt a couple again?

- is Angelina Jolie angry or chill?

- are Dvorak's ants still there in his house or they emigrated to Mexico?

- what is current Dvorak's favourite formula for meaty dish?

- what marijuana was AC smoking recently?

- what happened in Netherlands recently: possibly related to marijuana?

- Austin news


@vantablack Meh, 5.5 is just like an excuse to have a 2.5 nap during the day. It's not a disaster, it's an opportunity!

@yukiame @virtualrc @SirDHSlammer @ProfWorr @m00se On Android you should just be able to long-hold that URL, then "share with" to VLC, which'll start streaming it.

@virtualrc @yukiame @SirDHSlammer @ProfWorr @m00se Yes, I had to deal with that in a media startup. The Chrome devs for Android are waging a war on background operation. They claimed music players wouldn't be crippled--but they are. I'd suggest the beta build of Firefox for Android ("Fennic"), or even their next-gen Android app "Fenix" (which is now my daily driver).

Or just use VLC and point it directly at the stream:

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