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This whole essay is great, and the first paragraph -- where Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy commiserate on how the editorial and "fact-checking" process used by mainstream media outlets is often used to homogenize everyone and eliminate individuality and creativity -- is funny. nitter.poast.org/mtracey/statu


Macron will sleep today under the French perfume from the Farmers hello The tractor driver Accurately Poured Directly into the Bedroom‼


@Dan_Ramos One embedded Pi3 received an update which doesn't bit in its /boot partition. So going to just rebuild him w. newer bits.

Otherwise, everything's back up.

@sizzletron I used to believe Alex Jones was a showman with a schtick. I still think he's a showman, but it's disconcerting to see how much of what he said has come true.

@VaxxersPostingTheirLs The @ThatLARRYSHOW just covered someone who went to the doc, got told something along these lines, then the doc came running down the hall after them to take it back. "It's something completely unrelated!" Larry's surmise was a corporate drone overheard and ordered them to fall back to the mandated narrative.

Bitcoin skyrocketing from 30,000 to 40,000 right now

because new rumor says Amazon will be accepting bitcoin as payment method since October 2021

@Dan_Ramos Thanks for the warning... every server under my control is now in the process of rebooting. 😯

@mrman Not user friendly, but when you just want to dial in a part at specific dimensions, and not wrestle with fiddly art knobs... OpenSCAD.


There were apparently five governors--including Cuomo and Whitmer--who forced C19 patients into nursing homes. The X22 Report podcast has developed the hypothesis that this was not a coincidence, but a concerted action to drive up the C19 death numbers.

And the Biden administration has just announced that they won't pursue this at all. Coincidence?

@ned Not forgotten here! "Glory of the 80's" was one of my favorites (the video's a chuckle, too)

@PhoneBoy I was dragging my feet on doing the mowing (I'd rather work on the van conversion!) but the wife made enough comments...

@whataboob I always thought that the courts would never cancel a completed election. But I was surprised that The Supremes, in particular, would not hear the evidence and spell out minimum standards for election quality going forward.

Having a wide public perception that the elections are meaningless is one of the best ways to destroy any public unity based on voter participation.

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