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Re When the government (aka Dr. Fauci) tells you the science is settled, remember Galileo’s response: "Eppur si muove." #RandPaul #Congress #fauci #Science

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@CSB I was surprised at the attitude you found among your fellow employees. Mostly European? Which countries?

I remember when the subject of knife fights came up, and my father (LT., USMC, ret.) proceeded to give us a primer on how to fight with edged weapons (hint: upward strokes work better than downward).

I'm pretty sure my mother pulled him aside shortly afterward.

@Sabex Yeah, I think we need to be equal opportunity critics. I read The Australian. Because it's a fucking shining light of journalism compared to the Telegraph or even Sydney Morning Herald. But this thing of opinion pieces dressed up as news really does need to stop. Even if it's supporting 'my' team.

Today, a green #necktie with that variant of the Victoria #knot that is called a cross Victoria.

@commandlinekid But when Big Brothers makes something in your archive disappear, it's nice to have a plan B!

@commandlinekid Please at least do a Takeout so you have a personal snapshot

I use one bad word below. 


She certainly defended that decision.

Some people seem to believe that you get a perfect society by encoding it in law, then hire police until law==reality.

I personally believe it's a great way to get a shit show.

@wjmaggos @darrenoneill

Don't forget foreign influence, subversion of our democracy, "climate change" (i.e, energy tax & ration). WTO will probably be pushed to continue their active protection of trans-national corporate immunity.

National governments seem to be at a sweet spot where they're buyable, and have many goodies to sell.

@darrenoneill @wjmaggos

Not clear to me it's a left/right thing. I believe our monopolies are so powerful that they can now accept bids from both parties. I expect their price is currently insulation from antitrust treatment, followed by preservation of their section 230 immunity.

All while hiding or censoring content to serve their own interest, followed by that of the current high bidder.

You don't need a parachute to skydive. You need a parachute to skydive twice.
-iris_X, Nov 2015
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