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@Normie_Sue @pamby1 @icare4america @Tinyhouse4life There was a time when I, in Silicon Valley, fed a family of 5 on $40 a week. I cooked from scratch and baked bread, but we ate well.

“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.”
― Walt Whitman


Wow, deepest dive into cross origin policy on the web I've ever read. 🤯

Our Government isn't doing us ANY favors....

This past spring, the US Department of Agriculture conducted inspections in several Chinese processing plants with the goal of making it possible to allow foreign producers to send processed chicken to American markets for sale. Then, just days ago in early September, the green light was given to four processing plants to begin processing and exporting chicken to America, without USDA inspectors on site

In Amarillo TX. The old Route 66 downtown is moribund. The rest is strip malls. Is there a part worth visiting?

@ladyoferie His paper shows bacterial infection (secondary to the influenza) was a significant cause of deaths. NO connection to masks is in that paper.


I was just looking for it. Going to need to chase this when I have a full rather than the phone.

The Buttigieg Scandal is much worse than people even realize. Not only was a Cab Secy on secret leave during a nat’l crisis impacting MILLIONS for which he had prime responsibility, but Biden evidently failed to appoint an Acting Secretary to run DOT—even as the crisis exploded.

Stephen Miller

@Thoughtdoc Keep your eye on traffic patterns into Texas and neighboring ports. I predict a sharp uptick.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

[Quote RT]
Rogan has one of the largest audiences in the country. He's been complaining for weeks that CNN deliberately lied about him, a lie so blatant he got Sanjay Gupta to admit it.

Yet not one of our esteemed, *totally nonpartisan* fact-checkers said a word.

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