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With the web interface running, I got a Truth Social account. Gettr had the feeling that Big Names were just dumping posts onto it. TS seems like the Big Names are reading/writing/responding.

I'm still just an observer, but have picked up a ton of followers. It seems like a lot of bot accounts just jump on everything they can spot.

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A friend who owns an older travel trailer told me the same thing--modern RV's are _way_ down in quality and durability.

Makes me glad I bought a bare commercial van (ProMaster 1500) and did my own conversion.

BTW, Dodge makes a really great van product in my experience--20k miles in so far.


Sounds like a Billy Joel song:

🎶 Dark or Ultra, or plain old MAGA...

It's still Donald Trump to me 🎶

why do you let your phone badger you all the time man

switch that shit off. keep those fuckers in their place

@ParkerTechGuy It's hard to keep track of all these MAGA movements. Am I part of the "dark" one? The "ultra" one? The "mega" one? Or am I slacker, plain old MAGA?

These libs make it _so_ difficult...

@Bakerfiend So why are people saying G-d? Does "God" bother you?

Pray for Dr. Zelenko - this is a Gut wrenching the Video...

Important new update on my health.

Regardless of what happens next I just want to thank you all for your prayers, kindness and support over the last few years. It has meant so much more to me than you could ever know. Please continue to fight for freedom and NEVER allow tyranny to win.

May God bless you all.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

When I die someone please buy one of those memorial benches for me, put it in my neighbourhood and the plaque should read:

In memorial of DCGirl, if you are sitting here, she probably hated you.

Chaga chunks came in. Chaga tea incoming!

(Props to Clif High.)

@DeveloperMemes Centering div's using CSS, child's play. Yesterday I wasted 30 minutes on an SVG which had a bunch of <g> elements, each with their own ID. Guess who failed to get an <img> to display by picking out one of them from the SVG file?

Ok, just joined Truth Social, save account name as here. Not terribly different from Gettr, it seems like most accounts are using tools to parallel post.

@Sueknisely K2 for efficient D3 absorption is often needed, also low magnesium levels can also interfere w. absorption. D3 is more for resistance, though.

Research ideas:

A B complex and omega fatty acids can help. Some add artemisinin or NAC. To try and head off an inflammation cycle, you can look at CBD oil (if legal in your state).

If it hits your lungs, you can talk to an MD about Budesonide via nebulizer.

Good luck!

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Most people in/adjacent to precious metals have fled eBay. Buyers would receive legit merchandise, swap out for similar looking with no precious metal content, then open a fraud case against the seller.

eBay doesn't care if you have pictures or, really, anything. They rule for the buyer and you're SOL.


I watched an interview with Barnette, wanting to like her.
I couldn't. Too many malaprops, trying hard to sound brilliant.


It was disappointing.

@MrKnowles @Blackbirdearth

@vandys There are liberal enclaves that are going to take years to resolve. I have relatives in Seattle WA who think drop boxes are secure, don’t see high rent as a result of liberal policies and regulations and don’t go into downtown Seattle anymore because of safety issues but still vote Democrat. It’s frustrating, maddening and crazy but it’s the power of the matrix. The best you can do is be there when that world crumbles and help them through the shock.

#Fedilab is a paid app on Google and free on #Fdroid.
Google takes off 30% of the 2,5€, the idea was to encourage a small effort to use the free F-Droid app built from sources. Also, it helps to pay our server charges for translations and other services.

But, if you have no alternative to Google and don't want to pay. There is no reason to prevent you using Fedilab.
Just reach us, we can let you get the app for free with a code.
CC @Framasoft (related to a thread on Twitter)

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