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Interesting blended family of dragons headed to Australia this week.

when you make your own rocket moters you can add sprinkles.jpg h/t Fipi Lele

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Did you hear about the giant who threw up? 

It's all over town

If your executives inform you that they find it outrageous that 40% of all sick days taken by employees happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday...

...and the silence that ensues when you point out that Mondays and Fridays simply account for 40% of all workdays 😂

A service which connects a phone number with SMS/MMS to your XMPP (i.e., Jabber) client:

Very useful in my post-Google (post Google Voice) world.

(I'm just a happy user, no commercial interest here!)


Great post from - Against the cult of Apple: "Google isn’t your friend, and neither is Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Airbnb.
And neither is Apple."
...yet, what are our collective levers for accountability? are narratives enough?


Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What did the shy pebble wish? 

That she was a little boulder!

Everyone with a role in Gov't IT (especially decision-making) needs to read this little episode of software and IT-in-Government history: in 2002, this is a letter Microsoft Peru sent to a congressman in the Republic of Peru's gov't: Here's Congressman Edgar Villanueva Nuñez superb (it hugely inspired me at the time) response: Some people are convinced that Microsoft is now the "good guys". Those people are mistaken.

Tucker has his finger on the pulse of the real people in this country. Incredible monologue.

"The candidate who makes it easier for 30 year olds to get married and have kids will win the election and will deserve to win."

A hangover, written so well, you can feel it.

from Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis.

Want to #DeGoogle and stop using their fonts on your website? This post shows you how:

@anarchistquotes quoted an article by Bob Black, "The Abolition of Work". It caught my interest, and I've put up a copy of it:

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Did you hear about when the past, present and future walked into a bar? 

It was tense.

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