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Huh. Can’t wait for No Agenda tomorrow! Couldn’t happen soon enough. ITM & TYFYC

My problem with this virus mess is not that I'm afraid, the problem is that it is putting the brakes on everything without my wanting to.

Stepping in to do the morning show on our local station. Catch me live 101.9FM on Vashon Island, or on the web:

direct mp3 streaming link:;

The regular DJ is out, so I'll stay over in his genre of rock & roll. No fear & loathing, just looking to lighten things up.

Oh - Since @CSB has to fly in the immediate future, I thought we could help him prepare for the trip. Can anyone recommend:

* A paralegal to get the will together
* A thoughtful funeral director
* A florist
* A crematorium.
* Source for virus proof body bags

Been told that besides being spread by TP, chink flu loves it some large aluminum tubes and their parking lots.

In lieu of flowers, a donation to mental health facilities helping people who choose to fly during a pandemic is appropriate.

@vandys @shebang @yukiame @ProfWorr

An F-16 would be the ultimate drone.

Save the weight for the life support, take away the air resistance of the canopy, add some stealth paint and contours. The latter might be hard without a total redesign.

Back in the day, the marginal cost of an extra F-16 was just around $10 million.

@kev Our reasoning is exactly the same; I don't like Nextcloud because it feels like they do a bad job at everything rather than a good job at a few things. I much prefer using individual pieces of software meant for a single task like Seafile for file syncing, Radicale for Cal/CardDAV, any IM service to replace that, etc.

Anybody have more dope on why ESR was kicked out of the org which he founded?

The exposition in this post leaves me uncomfortable as to how ESR was treated.

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