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I've written about leaving Google services, this piece has a new wrinkle on why he's doing it.

For a broad portion of the population, fear appears to be cumulative. A message of fear and desperation which is delivered week after week, month after month, results in a person who takes the message deeply to heart, feeling a desperate terror and exhibiting a range of neurotic symptoms.

Watch "System of a Down - Toxicity - Medieval Style" on YouTube 

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What I love to see is technology that improves quality of life

I'm a big fan of plain JS, and hand written CSS and HTML. Here's a fellow SW type with some really useful notes on this style of web development:

If anyone goes to the CHAZ / CHOP Meetup today please post pictures.

I've been pondering Neil Ferguson's simulations and how they used them. Basically, the simulation was non-deterministic, and they'd run it multiple times and average the output.

Which made me uncomfortable, but not in a way I could put into words.

I now realize that they are assuming their model will statistically center around reality as a mean of the output. Have they done any work to demonstrate that this is the case? My own experience with complex functions fills me with caution.

I'm staying off Twitter because posting things like this pic gets me demoted. Meanwhile, who can resist??

Don't be taken advantage of because you didn't ask these questions! And, importantly, if you are taken advantage of - once you realize this, fight the urge to doublethink to protect your ego. Accept that you were bamboozled, and make sure none of your friends are swindled, too. Definitely don't double down and defend them as if they were an extension of your ego.

A writer and blogger I follow, a conservative perspective on the things going on in the world:

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