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Glenn Greenwald's article on the Twitter/Facebook censorship of the NY Post Hunter Biden email story is really good

Usually post this stuff to twatter, not sure how this platform works yet - where to find stuff? Anyway, here goes:

UK Update 2020-10-15 11.48pm:

* c19 deaths (green) are stable and a small proportion of total (grey)

* % of tests that are positive is declines further (blue)

* NHS triage is stable/declining (dotted)

* Overall mortality (grey) close to 5 yr avg (dotted)

Just heard on a radio station out of DC, twitter is down. That's pretty extreme to keep people from talking bout the Bidens.

All politicians sell out at some level. It's literally their job to act on behalf of others. In November, removing Trump from the White House is an excellent goal. Statements made WHILE serving as the President of the United States of America warrant it. Thoughts?

What do modern PCs give you that a z80 CPU couldn't

Is it the bigger display? Do you think we could have done that without making our computers hundreds of times more powerful?

My TI-84+ SE runs a full blown Unix operating system, can boot to a useful graphical interface in less than 10ms, and I change the battery once per YEAR

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" Hi, this is a short video to show Stockholm today as people around the world should see life is normal here. "

@CSB This is all I got. Must sleep now as I fly back in a few hours. Zzzzzz. A lot of photos were taken that I am sure will make the rounds.

I'm stunned that NOBODY has chdcked in from the BIG Vegas meet up/ What gives? Orgy? What?

@sir I'm watching my Debian Buster update, and seeing tons of qt libraries getting new versions. I remember you think qt should be deprecated (source license problems, I think?), and was wondering what this would mean for KDE? Can they fork at a usefully open source point? Or are they kinda dead in the water?

(so if your sky is not cloudy, you can see Mars today! I have camera with optical zoom x33, no, kidding, x30 so I should be able to see it tonight if only clouds allow)

“Mars is at its biggest and brightest right now as the Red Planet lines up with Earth on the same side of the Sun.”


Once when I was at a convenience store in Japan, the attendant asked if I wanted a bag (バッグ). I said yes, and then she asked me how to say "bag" in English.

In Japanese, "bag" is a loanword from English.

She was disappointed with my answer.

It seemed like Real Goods has just turned into a consumer product "lifestyle" company, but they appear to still have some resources:

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