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I'm seeing a lot of URLs on my feed lately to or or similar, that redirect to another site. The first problem with these urls is that anyone who clicks these is giving data to Google. The bigger problem is that Google can turn them off.

If you care at all about an open Internet (I assume you do, because you're posting here and not Twitter), clean your URLs and stop giving Google control over what people can and cannot see online.

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The state of the Pinephone from @PINE64

Not... great. Horrible power usage, then they did CRUST, which turns off the CPU on standby (no Wifi, no apps, no music). Better standby life, but only phone call, SMS (no MMS), and button click.

But modem crashes on CRUST resume, so when it comes back, also no mobile data. This has been the state for months now; not clear, but might just be a fatal flaw.


see thread

Another new #UbuntuTouch Phone: "Fxtec’s Pro1-X is an Ubuntu Phone"


Oh man! Douglas Murray, almost 5 hours long, and Eric is coming out swinging in the opening seconds. This is going to be good.


The mention of Professor Ted and LSD brought to mind a book review concerning Timothy Leary. I had basically picked up the societal message that drugs were just a super-booze for hippies. I've never hunted down the book, but the review (from a famous writer himself) gives a very different perspective.

Here's how 60 Minutes deceptively edited the Trump interview.

A side-by-side comparison.

As #COVID19 deaths rapidly rise throughout Western Europe, #Sweden's daily deaths are moving in the opposite direction. The success of Sweden's no-lockdown strategy is stunning & on full display. Why does the press ignore Sweden? Hmmm. #Coulter #Europe

Full-List of bots:

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I gotta say there’s times in my life when I’ve had thoughts just like Kanye. Thought after thought & idea after idea but those thoughts mostly would be prefaced with if I had lots of money I would....
I do not think he’s crazy one bit. I think he’s maturing but still has a spunk to him as in Youth. Life should have been beaten down but it hasn’t & the message is that anyone can do it by the Grace of God. That’s not crazy that’s making what was old new again. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with that!

Amazing podcast, thank you Mr Yeadon & James.

In easy, understandable language, to understand
a technical issue.

I wish the whole country would listen to this.

Please, please take some time to listen to this
eminently knowledgeable gentleman if you
want to know about c ovid

Professor Dr Sir James Delingpole OM QC: The latest Delingpod is UP on Podbean and iTunes. #Delingpole #Podcast


Quitting #facebook was rough, and I'm still feeling all the viewers missing from my Tues #livestream, but I'm getting almost weekly reminders at this point why it was a sacrifice I had to make.

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