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Do people need help with GrapheneOS for phones? I have experience flashing routers and rooting android phones. If you need help reach out.

As Adam mentioned on the stream, I'd like to offer up my Dude Named Ben knowledge to the community. I don't know much about flashing Graphene on Pixels (yet), but I have been a desktop Linux enthusiast for quite a while. Feel free to toot me any desktop Linux questions and I'll answer what I can.

I left Facebook I'd guess about 2009, and I haven't logged into my twitter account for maybe 5 years (I would have deleted it but I lost the password and have no way to get back in as I no longer have the domain name I used for my login email).

I guess everyone has their breaking points and mine came a little earlier than many.

It appears Cloudflare DNS is suppressing Google's DNS, for whatever reason, is still permitting access.

So I guess with all the censorship, we're back to the good old days of meeting in person with a modern twist of pulling sim cards out of phones. Never thought it would be this twisted in the USA.

Friday night! Time to relax with another upgrade to the 600XL. This time, I pulled out the original 6502CPU, Lotharek's 64K SRAM upgrade and the original MMU (while I was at it, I took out the delay line chip since it'll never be used again) and in goes the Antonia 4mb upgrade (replacing the 8-bit 6502 CPU with a 16-bit 65816 CPU like the one Apple used in the Apple IIgs), adding a whopping 4 megabytes of RAM on a machine that started the beginning of last week with only 16 kilobytes.

The hunting of conservatives has begun: Ariel Pink dropped from label after attending Trump rally that led to D.C. riots

Both Gab and Parler are currently down, at least here on the West Coast USA. Neither will paint the home page timeline.

My conspiracy theory is that the Russians _did_ meddle in our 2016 election--by disabling the Democrat cheating. That's why the DNC was so pissed--they knew what the Russians had done, but could never complain about what they had actually done.

So the whole impeachment thing was just a proxy for what they REALLY resented.

More defenses deployed in 2020--and also, Trump hadn't turned out to be as friendly as expected.

Something claiming to be a Trump account on Parler just popped up. I followed, we'll see what it contains (empty so far).

RT Lex Fridman
Social media & the press are currently incentivized to drastically exaggerate narratives of division. This in turn creates more division & the downward spiral continues. I hope to build tech that changes these incentives. I believe there is much more love than hate in the world. #Rogan

New Conservative News Site: Put up your OWN ads with post. Revolutionary. ==>

So I had put a hold on new projects until I get things cleaned up, that tutorial shot, yadda yadda but then UT put out a couple of new embroidery designs and one was this ice dragon and [car swerving to off-ramp meme]

The gray stitching should really be metallic which is a finer thread, but getting out the metallic needle et al. would have gone beyond "let me stitch this out reallll quick" so call this a trial run for the other colors.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

Alexander Tytler

RT Jim Hanson 🇺🇸
Re @YossiGestetner @kurtschlichter I hear you and I don't think this is going to be easy

But that is why Trump appointing so many judges was important
And why getting competent leaders for the party matter

We're not gong to win this with protests
It takes hard work on the ground #Trump

Full-List of bots:

so Murica when you want to hold an Election democratic style we can help; we got the OECD and UN-Helmets who can come and count

maybe you can trust those Votes more

with international Observers the Rest of the world would trust you too

Is it fair to say this?

Trump, was a good president. Not great, not astounding, just a good president. No new wars, jobs brought back(sans Coof), and he showed the true colors of elected officials by riling them up to levels seen only by Karens. His largest accomplishment will have been to wake American people up to the bullshit and grandstanding that elected officials regularly partake in. His attitude was horrible, careless at times, but he does have a love for the country.

I'm a little bit of a lab rat for all of you. I have a Gab account, and a Parler one too. I have to say, so far the Fediverse has it all over those walled gardens. 👍

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