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Just got back from a face friendly outing in the People's Republic of Port Townsend. A group of 30 or so people have been meeting there each weekend to promote vaccine information, mask risks, etc.

Human Resource #2 came along with me. ❤️ He only got flipped off twice, and one person shouting "F you" because he wasn't wearing a mask outside.

Guys, this is an excellent talk on COVID and the mRNA vaccines. Adam and John played a clip of this video in a recent podcast but it is definitely worth watching the entire presentation.

They can have their 'covid safe' games in their stadiums. Give me the small town pickup baseball game with no masks, lots dust, and a bunch of patriotic americans. They underestimate how much we DON'T need them. @Johncdvorak said it well last show....society has changed JUST enough to not allow this to stand. Can't wait to watch their ticket sales plummet.

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Catching up on my Epoch Times, a superior news product, I caught this article of a peer-reviewed study on how much the change in death count policies skewed the death statistics. Nothing we don't already know, just trusting the science.

I’ve become highly suspicious of the phrase “our democracy.”

As in, “X is a threat to our democracy.”

@darrenoneill I don't believe I know a single person who watches MLB. I guess they subscribe to the idea that's it better to burn out than to fade away.

It's cute how some people still think this is simply about a virus, and a benevolent government trying to protect you.

I wish I could be that naive. My mind would be calmer.

I mean he's right. I get it. But that's not the way to wake people up. Geesh.

Jeffrey Prather had Jeremy Brown on last night:

You may have heard of Jeremy, he is a retired green beret who the FBI tried to recruit in December and spoke about possible events in January.

He mentions another interview he did, about 2 hours, which is also worth the watch - he goes into more details.

Any Tampa NA Tribe? Would be cool to meet this guy.

One of the most important things I learned about communication along my illustrations path was we read texts/emails et al in the voice of the our current mood.
It’s easy to misinterpret the message

Whatever you think of G. Gordon Liddy, he was one tough SOB who may not have always won, but he wasn't going to let them win either.

For you younger ones, Imagine a Roger Stone with guns, fists, a high pain tolerance and no fucks to give.

They divide with fear. We unite with courage.
They divide with politics. We unite with facts.
They divide for control. We unite for freedom.
They divide for power. We unite for humanity.

From the amazing Doc Kaur

For better or for worse, I've put my entire Machine Component Design course online. All 9.5 hours spread over 55 videos.

#engineering #education

My university seems to be continuing is slide into MS control. Can't really have a local server to host things anymore. Can't really even have my own web pages hosted by the university.

Pretty much all of the tech knowledge is being outsourced to big tech companies.

Really makes me appreciate the stuff I see at places like OERu. Which I think is largely maintained by @lightweight

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