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yes, the entire genome has been sequenced. we've had this thread a number of times before. many labs have sequenced the complete genome.

the way modern sequencing technology works, nucleic acids are generally fragmented prior to sequencing. however the fragments are large enough to be unique and can be reassembled in silico with a high degree of confidence, in most cases.

there is a newer sequencing tech called nanopore sequencing that enables sequencing of very long fragments without the usual required fragmentation process of ngs (next gen) short read sequencing

Real heroes. Standing up for their rights and beliefs, and teaching their kids to do the same.

@MountainJay I’ve never felt more like Winston Smith than I do at the moment.
Stay strong people, you aren’t a minority of one

@vandys True. I think conservatives have fallen for the “pro business” deception. Yes, private business. No, giant, publicly owned multinationals. They are not the same thing and should never have been treated as such.

It occurred to me as I walked back from town, the government is working HARD with Big Tech to suppress all but one single, chosen message. Things which are true, or arguable--all suppressed.

This means, legally, that informed consent is impossible. So all the paperwork you sign away when you get your vaccine is meaningless. You can't consent to fraud; the presence of fraud makes consent meaningless.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our live streaming test today on the Brighteon platform. Our P2P live streaming engine performed very well with only a few minor glitches. We originally built it on the PeerTube engine, then discovered that PeerTube's engine tops out at about 7,500 viewers for a live event on a typical server, and it can't be scaled. So we had to BUILD OUR OWN SYSTEM to handle 50,000+ viewers for big events (coming up). Thank you again. Lots of live streaming soon!

Conservatives are hand wringing because they support private business and self determination (which is fine). And yet these values, when applied to Google, FB, et all, are delivering a dysfunctional, dystopian world.

The truth is that they're NOT companies any more. Their power and reach put them in the same category as a major nation-state (if not beyond).

Don't fall for the mind trick.

Since Thiel is on the board of FB, I assumed he'd be 100% swamp. But he's currently saying some very un-swampy things on Big Tech corruption.

In my tech startup days, I have to say that his VC firm had some of the brightest minds in the business.

(Epoch Times paywall issues, so maybe this Breitbart link will work.)

@unspinthespin so i guess if onterrible is gonna force vaccinate people, am i gonna have to hide like anne frank did from the nazis?

Here's one of the less knee-jerk analyses of Noem's retreat from protecting female sports. It underscores the need for coalitions between states, and strategies for covering weaknesses.

Consume the article with a skeptical eye, however. The fact that Amazon's 1,000 jobs was not mentioned as a bludgeon means this writer is--for whatever reason--not trying to provide a full picture.

The GOP fails to understand that the ONLY war worth fighting right now is the Marxist culture war that is destroying children, families, and soon this country!
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