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@vandys What we do first is to lose all that negative thinking. Everybody thinks they don’t have enough but they have more than any civilization has ever had before and it is destroying us.

You don’t need all the fancy stuff. Happiness doesn’t lie there. If all this isolation while connected to the world electronically should have taught people is it doesn’t work. Go outside the front door. Talk to the neighbors. Join neighborhood religious or other groups. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

There’s no reason to raise taxes, we can lower them back down. The government shouldn’t give so much money away. It needs to shrink. All we need to do is not give freedom away, and everything’s gonna be allright. 😉👍

So I'm listening to the Freedom Conference from last weekend in Tulsa. Great people, lots of energy. But the subtext is that if we go back to, dunno, Trump? Gun rights? Medical/religious freedom? We'll be great.

I don't see falling back to greatness. College cost? Medical costs? Lost jobs? Civic integrity? Virtue in the population?

The real question should be what's old that we leave behind, and what's new that we adopt?

Those who love freedom should use a scientific equation to find out the most effective way to spread freedom. Which method would result in waking the most people up? Would spending $3000 on a billboard lead to 30 Americans becoming Libertarians?

Couldn't promoting liberty be fun? Assange, Snowden, John Stossel, John Whitehead, and Ron Paul all love freedom, but the US could use more Libertarian leaders.

The US is running out of time. Tyranny always ends with concentration camps.

alex11 is now online playing Jean-Luc Ponty - Elephants In Love! tune in here now:

Podcast app developers, you have a stable home at with an open api and index of over 3 million podcasts.

Current status: making dragon-wing soup.

(No dragons were harmed, etc.)

its not that i care a cop went to jail, i worry what effect this will have on the prevalence of crime, the effects on policing policy and attitudes toward others
my buddy brought up a good point that you may see a severe man power shortage in this sector, which is fine if the citizenry is armed and are free to exercise our rights, but the deck is being stacked against people maintaining sovereignty over their own lives and property and i just can't get down with that
not licking boots just sayin

I know the stats are inconvenient, but have you ever looked up the cost/benefit analysis of the 911 emergency number system with budgets and negative police/public interactions?

After the full-scale implementation of the 911 system nationwide, the budget to maintain them quickly eclipsed the hiring budgets.

Local beat cop partners were first to be phased out in most municipalities and the days when neighborhoods knew their local cops was over.

One techno-cop in a car became the NEW normal.

Darren Beattie of Revolver News shares a letter from a former police officer that has had enough.

My daughter just pointed out that food is probably just an addiction. You need it, you eat, and then a few hours later... you need it again.

Check out the "Resistance Chicks" at the Health Freedom Conference, where I spoke earlier today. They're doing great coverage of the event and have a powerful pro-faith message of health freedom for humanity. I also did an interview with them which hasn't yet been posted, but should be soon:

Went for a walk today. It was good. Go for more walks. It is good. You will like it.

Zuby is awesome

“Always be vigilant of how you're being programmed...

If you now feel rage or disgust when you see a smiling face in public, a group of people gathered together, or someone merely being near you, then you've been trained to see your fellow man as a pathogen.”

More like a trip to hell.

What screams health and soul more than a millionaire charlatan spiritualist (friend of Oprah), a fake globalist pope, big pharma execs, a clinton 😂 and FAUCI preaching to the masses?

They aren't even hiding the BS

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