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There are MASSIVE lessons in there.
1. Education is pleasurable
2. Education is a participant sport
3. A motivated student will perform beyond their capacity
4. Nobody wants to feel stupid
My abilities as a teacher exploded as I went through this process.

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@be @SuricrasiaOnline yeah, in my eyes that makes it even more fragile.

You'll pull a billion deps through cargo, just to find out that 99% of them are now disused, abandoned, turned into crypto miners, broken or undocumented.

@vandys @lupyuen @PINE64 @Blort
I've got the 3 GB version, I haven't checked the numbers but running Pure Maps and OSM Scout Server at the same time (one of my use cases) seems to use up much of the RAM. Trying to launch other apps bogs the whole system down.

I got myself a power bank for when I'm out, and I'll have to keep a USB-C to USB-A cable at work because the battery life is quite bluntly pathetic. I really hope they can improve on that.

@KingCombaticus @mrman I was in Seattle for all of it. It was terrible. I no longer live there because of it.

True-Random Number Generator circuit by measuring the thermal noise (Johnson–Nyquist noise) in precision thin-film resistors

The purpose of the project is to create random numbers that are verifiable based on physics, not a trust relationship.

[RT @BjornLomborg]
Are we seeing more and stronger hurricanes?

The longest and most reliable data series is landfalling US hurricanes, showing *fewer* hurricanes and *fewer* strong hurricanes

Read my free 2020 peer-reviewed article:

If your only concern in your investment is number go up, you are an economic nihilist.

Sound money, sound world.

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"The data is very clear" is going on my watchlist as a possible tell for cognitive dissonance.

One thing we should know by now is that the data is never "very clear."

Larry Correia is in the Facebook jail for a month--again. He's ripping on his submission to the--as he puts it--not at all Orwellian sounding Oversight Board.

“Freedom Phone” is an overpriced smartphone that doesn’t free you from anything

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