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" Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. " - George Orwell

Trooper suspended.. will refuse to comply with Gov. Kate Brown’s vaccine mandate..

..he said he had “fallen in line” for over a year “with these useless, ineffective mask mandates, and I will no more." Oregonians should not have to follow “unlawful orders should they not fall in line.”

“I encourage you to look deep down and decide if you are going to fall in line as sheep, or stand up for the rights we still have, while we still have them.

@vandys Oh nifty! I hadn't heard of vsta. Sounds like it was a really nice project!

Also thanks for the comp.sources.unix archive. That's a treasure!

Our local "reporter" is a hard-core leftist, using her position at our local rag as a club to wield in support her politics. Here's a hit piece on our local fire chief (chooses not to be vaccinated), and the resulting toxic stew of comments.

Best thread of sickos and a-holes you'll find for a while. Cheering the rude refusal of services. Not unlike the creeps who cheer those who died of Covid.

2/ 12 yr old: "What programming language do they use to write OSs?"

Me: C.

Kid: "OK! I'll learn that. Do you have any books on C?"

Me: Just one. (It's the K&R ANSI C one)

So tonight we sit down with K&R and I introduce him to the ways of #Emacs also. He is DELIGHTED. He introduces a bug into his program, then finds it himself. He has informed me we will be doing C all day tomorrow, and that C is the best language.

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@Djeep @vandys

If you work around agriculture, you will see that a lot! The vet gets the same meds from the same manufacturers at the same dosages. Just a lot cheaper...

Boost if you won’t shop at businesses requiring vaccine passports.

@IcyGrillz not a mask in sight, and seeing all of the team spirit has to pump most people up! FREEDOM!!!

@sizzletron That's certainly good strategy in person- I have no problem with that. It's the idiots looking for relevance that spread it everywhere bringing it mainstream. Next thing you know, companies and schools are jamming these "ideas" down our throats. But, you're right. Resist this crap everywhere you come in contact with it in your personal life and live above it.

@vandys @average_random_joe

Huh, some locals here are using Telegram to talk about vaccine issues. My wife wanted in, so I helped get it set up on her "burner" (i.e., runs Google play services) phone. As a part of that, I did open my own account for testing.

This morning I saw it was logged out. When I tried to re-login, it told me I was banned. Why? No idea. I didn't do anything except some test calls and follows.

Centralized services just suck. There's no way around it.

DO NOT quit your job over vaccine mandates. MAKE THEM FIRE YOU.

Media Melts Down After Joe Rogan Says He Recovered From Covid in 3 Days After Taking Ivermectin, Z-Pak (VIDEO)

Highly popular podcast host Joe Rogan on Wednesday announced he had to move his comedy tour schedule around because he came down with Covid on Saturday night.

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