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So let’s assume the @nytimes investigation is roughly correct. Surely inconceivable Milley will keep his job beyond Sunday after lying on camera about the death of six children? Or have we all gone mad?

most hilarious instance of deus vult

:blobcatsmug: we'll just cut off your healthcare, see what that does for you society.


:blobcatsuit: wait, no

Jeffrey Peterson
Forwarded from Sadie W
For those who don't think they're technical enough to switch to linux: There can be a learning curve, but be patient. I got my mother to switch and after about a week it was no big deal. We also took a computer that was sluggish at the store to one that was the fastest she's ever used once it had Linux 👏

Author Larry Correia venting on the latest Biden "outrage". (He says this sort of rant usually goes on Facebag, but he's currently locked out.)

Say No!
Don't react.
Pay attention.
Keep calm.
Do without.
Control yourself.
Turn it off.
Fear is a feeling not a reality.

@vandys -- at least then we'll be able to find each other more easily? 😬😂😰😭

Now we will all feel like that beaten wife, who has to continue to sleep in the same bed, night after night with the one who forces her to do what they think is right....not a healthy state of mind....

So it's becoming clear I'll actually need to be out of the Seattle area RSN (vaccine passports on the way). We live semi-rural, and actually might just want to develop a place w. RV hookup/water/septic.

Any recommendations for a Red state, or maybe purple? A region with a couple thousand people and a city within an hour's drive would be great.

JUST IN - Biden to mandate all employers (100 workers or more) require #COVID19 vaccinations or weekly virus tests, affecting as many as 100 million Americans.

Government employees whose jobs consist entirely of preserving the U.S. Constitution decide that the same Constitution is "harmful language" and that the public must be warned of such before reading it. The logical conclusion must be that Democrat anarcho-tyrants will soon make moves to destroy it or alter it beyond recognition to cement their hold on power.


My own experience at Rumble highlights this growth. After just a month, the audience size for my videos is as big as if not higher than on YouTube -- just as my Substack articles are read by 5x as many as at the Intercept. People want/trust platforms independent & censorship-free

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