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Have you ever wanted one of my quilts from PaleGray Labs? Well, now's the time, because I'm putting Behemoth, our robotic quilt plotter, up for sale by the end of the year. My designs are at (scroll down past the more science-y ones, which are also cool but more my collaborator Theo's thing) and order before the end of October if you want one by Xmas.

Of course, if you want to give someone an industrial robotic quilt plotter for Xmas, now's your chance for that, too.

First Nicki Minaj, then NBA dissidents, now Dave Chappelle: there's been a recent string of high-profile Black public figures thoughtfully and forcefully questioning or rejecting elite liberal pieties, and it's fascinating to watch liberal elite discourse-managers navigate this.

We should not allow foreigners to plug money into our local elections. That is insane.

Seth Keshel
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Did you know? At least six states have grassroots teams going door-to-door verifying voter information: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Washington, Delaware. ALL SIX we've identified thus far are finding some pretty alarming issues, including many thousands of voters that don't exist at their registered address. 🚨

Checkout our latest article:
Door-to-Door Canvassing Shows Alarming Results in Six States
I am going to speak bluntly. Physicians who speak out are being actively hunted via medical boards and the press. They are trying to deligitimize and pick us off one by one. This is not a conspiracy theory - this is a fact.

Where Is the Biden Executive Order Mandating the Vaccine? Does It Exist? - LewRockwell

I’m talking about the Executive Order (EO) commanding all US companies with more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID vaccine for those employees. I can’t find the EO. I don’t see it in the Federal Register, where it’s supposed to be published. If it hasn’t been published, then there is no mandate. If there is no mandate yet, then obviously...

We're beginning to see now why there was never a vaccine for a coronavirus before.

I can’t respond to this bluecheck genius on Twitter, so I have to do it here - by Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths

Seriously, in your wildest dreams...did you ever expect to see a headline like this?

Washington Examiner: "Top Republican calls on Biden banking nominee to turn over Marxism thesis from Moscow State"

DC doesn't give real whistle blowers attention. They lock them up or run them out of the country.

Any "whistleblower" who gets the media attention, and safety of the feds, is a Plant.

[Quote RT]
Over and over, polling data shows that significant majorities of Democrats favor censorship and "regulation" of the internet not only by tech monopolies themselves but also by the US Government, which their party controls.

If you worry about privacy so you use duckduckgo but wear a fitbit, have an Alexa or similar device and a Ring doorbell you really need to rethink things.

Just got an email from our kid's high school reminding us about the vaccine clinics being held at the school. The superintendent included the name and email address of a doctor at the end of the message in case we have questions. Weeeeell, that right there was a rookie mistake.

Nick Fuentes: Be careful, now that we're in this Era where everybody who speaks out against the... (Liberum Arbitrium)

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