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The new book from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., "The Real Anthony Fauci - Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health" is out now and available in hardcover at

We also carry hardcover books for Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Mikki Willis, creator of the Plandemic documentary. Plus hundreds of other titles on preparedness and nutrition, available for instant electronic downloading. Check it out at and thank you for your support!

"something really interesting while reading the briefing documents for Pfizer vax for kids under 12 years old. So hard to find this document on FDA website. They really bury this information. "

With millions of others I watched & enjoyed Taylor Swift's reimagined All Too Well on SNL; but I had missed the earlier story of what caused her to re-record her own music:

Is it just me, or have search results become absolute garbage for basically every site? It's nearly impossible to discover useful information these days (outside the ArchWiki).

News is weaponized.

You are experiencing cognitive warfare.

Do not REACT to the news of today (emotions cloud judgement).

Try, instead, to UNDERSTAND the news of today.

After long research I have concluded regarding computer monitors:

— increasing refresh rate from 60 Hz to 144Hz and even 240 Hz as some monitors offer: is less helping eye health and more helping gamers win video game battles

—the most crucial factor for eye health is reduction of blue light that some monitors offer either via special mode or via slider:

@CONSERVATARIAN War Room is a pretty amazing show and Bannon has gotten a frighteningly amount of things right in the past few years.

@RollTide @NoBeret
Herd immunity is gone, it doesn't work with leaky vaccines. CDC has (quietly) admitted there is no vax percentage that will give us herd immunity; just like everything else, it was all a lie.

In retrospect, Scott Atlas was dead on when he said we should protect the vulnerable and go with a natural herd immunity for everyone else, then we'd be done.


Do you want to forever WRECK the Democrat’s ability to turn their state into a communist shithole?

Get a law firm to bring the issue of non-representation to the Supreme Court in a federal lawsuit that seeks to overturn Reynolds v. Sims.

Overturning this case would strike at the HEART of what makes a blue state blue.

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I really don't appreciate Cocaine Mitch's work in keeping the Biden nightmare going. But we should all at least take a moment to acknowledge that, without him, Merrick Garland might well have become a Supreme Court Justice.

Take a moment to consider THAT and shudder...

@mhjohnson @aighead Aww man, I just spent the last half hour searching Reddit for it (I know I saw it on r/Conspiracy) and I came to post the screenshot and I was beat! Oh well. Take my screen shot, and love it!


It definitely wasn't trying *at all* in the story department, but at least it was extremely self-aware, competently paced and structured, had fights where you could see exactly what was happening, and dialogue with jokes that landed, and none of that stuff is easy or just happens by itself.

...of The People.

And I think they are up to the task.

@BrianCates was ridiculed for years for suggesting Durham was coming. And now he is here.

The CCP economy is staggering. Afghanistan is curiously and quietly stabilising.

I believe that our task as Citizens are to:

1. Seize control of elections and run MAGA candidates for EVERY office.

2. Resist the looming eugenic and genocidal atrocity of jabbing children with the clot shots.

The rest is just detail.

We can do this.

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It lives!

The spiritual successor of the S100 systems of my teens, this kit from implements a simple interconnect bus plus cards for RAM, ROM, CF Disk, Z80, clock, and RS-232.

With the help of my handy logic probe, I hunted down the bad connection on the D4 line on the Z80 card, after which it booted nicely.

I also have a Z280 card running RSX280 from Bill Shen, which will soon be the main workhorse.

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