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Hackaday is featuring a teardown and repair of a PDP-11 as sold through Heathkit:

They bemoan that computers have become dense monolithic beasts. So let me point out my current favorite project, a modular bus-based system in the style of the old S100 systems:

I'm in the process of folding a Z280 and RSX280 into it.

@vandys @TesserAches in addition to that the only real danger from non-ionizing radiation is potentially heating specific body parts it’s resonate too, such as the pupils of your eyes since those tend to act like egg white when heated and go blurry all of a sudden. Also, High Frequency energy doesn’t generally penetrate the skin deep enough for your nerve endings to be affected so you can end up with a huge nasty damaging blister and not even feel it until it gets really bad. As long as it doesn’t concentrate in a specific area it’s not bad, but I wouldn’t go tempting fate by grabbing onto my antenna while it’s transmitting 100 or half a kilowatt of energy

thread by JESSE KELLY
As you look at the insane reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict, it’s important to understand why we’re here and what kind of people we’ve dealing with.

The Sky is Green Theory:

We’re at a place now in America like no other time in this nation’s history. A very dangerous place. You see, cultures are held up by pillars. Government, religion, sports, education, entertainment, etc.

For those expressing strong opinions today about the Rittenhouse verdict, did you watch 50% or more of the trial. Honor system: your conscience will know.

Holy crap. Sting's new album recently released blows. He's still messed up from 2006 Songs from the Labrynth stuff were he pretended to be a medieval bard. The songs on the new album are lifeless and dull and he's lyrically emulating that John Dowland (1563-1626). Next up: Sting will claim he's Dowland reincarnated. Book it.

Nearly everyone at work is vaccinated and clearly shaken by the trend of lockdown regardless of vaxx status.

I have to be very mindful to NOT talk about the subject when the water cooler chat starts.

Its very difficult. Pray for me.

My daughter's been a Minecraft player for, well, as long as it's existed pretty much. So this year Microsoft made all users switch to a Microsoft account (previously Minecraft had its own user accounts).

Today, her account's locked. Why? Because now she has to give Microsoft her cell phone #, otherwise--no Minecraft for you.


Kyle Rittenhouse collapsed upon hearing the verdict in tears, as any 18-year-old would be in such a heavy situation.

Shame on those who tried to claim his tears were fake. A completely disgraceful performance by the national media. The verdict was just if you watched the trial.

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"Kyle Rittenhouse cleared of all charges in Kenosha shooting"

And of course, Lefty AP just can't help themselves by stoking more racial tension:

"The former police youth cadet is white, as were those he shot.

The jury, which appeared to be overwhelmingly white, deliberated for close to 3 1/2 days."

I haven't seen this (anti) Biden campaign video in a while, and boy, it's more relevant than ever.

@AnotherStag When you endure a childhood like we did, it changes you and no job is worth being tramped on, we are both finished with being tread on, we've had our fill.

I swear, does _anybody_ answer a call from an unknown number any more? 🤔

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