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If you're a victim of yet another "Travel Armageddon" this weekend with thousands upon thousands of cancelled & delayed flights, you should spend a few minutes of your extra hours in the airport watching Tucker Carlson explain how the Biden administration is doing this to you. 😠


@Luther It's terribly sad. I don't know how I missed so much over the years but I, like many others lived life rather blindly. I'm a veteran and I always voted, but I was busy living life and I thought that was enough.
It wasn't. Now it falls to us to fix it.

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Apologies if you already read this, but this article made an impression on me. It explains much, but also should serve as a giant wake up call:

I'm skeptical, however, that unions of any stripe are driving the democratic party. I think it's more global than that.

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Biden Administration Reportedly Slipping Scoops and Op-Eds to FOX News to Improve Image
Another reason to abandon Fox News and follow me on Social media for news

@MrMaxPowers247 @Timboslice it does help me quickly identify who I should avoiding following, though. So I guess there is a silver lining.

If in order to win it were necessary to erect the gallows in the public square, then I would prefer to lose.
-- Errico Malatesta

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As the cost of keeping the empire is becoming higher than the returns, the imperial core has to be hollowed out in order to maintain the grip on the periphery. This is why people in US can't get basic things like baby formula while billions are allocated to Ukraine.

@oystergirl With rare occasions, life is usually not as bad as news and social media wants us to believe. There's lots of amazing people in the world and lots of fun things to do that don't involve an internet connection.

Amazon intentionally maintains high turnover rates so they can grind workers into a pulp before discarding them. They’ve done this so much they’re literally running out of people to continue the cycle.

Someone at my job is putting these stickers on things 😂

Coffee machine and paper towel dispenser

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