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I used rivet nuts extensively in my van RV conversion. You have to pay attention to the setting of how much you compress them as you expand/engage the rivet. But, used correctly, they are a very nice fastener, especially for blind mounts into vehicle sheet metal.

It removes advertisements? I never see them because I installed uBlock Origin in my FF browser.

The Dems have found a foolproof way to avoid recession (change the meaning of the word). Remember when Biden was going to cure cancer? I've suddenly realized that he will, in fact, cure it.

WTF does this busted hotel sink have to do with Episode 45 of Planet Rage?

Did I snap and punch it out?

Should @darrenoneill enroll me in an anger management class?


Just watched The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling. It's an out-and-out action flick, very linear storytelling. But an obviously big budget ($200m, apparently--Netflix's biggest project ever) with some large, gorgeous action sequences. Good acting, and somebody obviously came in and punched up the dialog in the script.

If you like franchises like Fast & Furious and Mission Impossible, you'll probably enjoy it.

Please help share this with everyone; this corrupt dirtbag wants to be President.

Newsom Gets SLAMMED In Epic New Ad

@HeyLiberty @MMA @Bleukitty @KarePatriot @CDuBois @LoveAlmonds @Nobody Welp, I kind of had a feeling and that is why I asked for prayers, but my flight was canceled. I waited at the airport for over 6 hours and then they delayed the flight to the morning, but I canceled my trip I was just DONE. The flight never did leave in the morning though others did. NO PILOT. Of course. So, safe at home, hubby came to pick me up at midnight. I am happy, not sad. Things happen for a reason. Love you all! ❤️

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