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Can anybody name the Heinlein story where they're doing a demo of some brainwashing technology, and accidentally put the audience under? I've been doing web searches and bulk text searches of my collection, just can't spot it.

Oops, it’s not allowed to do Joe Biden mashups at big boy DALL*E:

USA - country of censorship:

think of all the resources we could save and pollution we could avoid if the governments of the world were reduced to 10% of their sizes and corporate m5m was reduced to 1% of its current size

This one runs a little long, but if you read at least the earlier sections, it breaks down the dynamic of "believers" and the manipulators behind them.

We're bringing our indie newspaper back to life, planned our first issue for 9/17. But we took the web site live today due to a big ferry crash. Then our previous editor got stranded in Seattle due to a truck fire involving oxygen cylinders.

SVG is a cool format but it's important to remember that the most compliant renderers are web browsers. Inkscape is usually good enough, virtually everything else falls far short


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Dad Photoshops His Baby Into Dangerous Situations To Freak Out Relatives


It was an evil thing… I wanted it before my initial illness… I still believe I could have circumvented this nightmare had it been available as a prophylactic.

- Programming in C,C#,C++,Java,Python,Lua
- Web Development with Html/CSS, or any popular CMS
- Game Development with Godot, Unity, Love2d, and your favorite engine
- Editing with Audacity, & Kdenlive
- Writing (both copywriting and technical writing)

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We're restarting a community paper, and needed some group communication tools. This PHP-based messaging system is shockingly good--notifications, optional RSS, hierarchical discussion threads, user roles, unlimited topic areas, file uploads, ....

I hadn’t really appreciated how big a deal USB-PD negotiation was until I found out that the little negotiation chips are about the size of the end of a pencil, and including the usb-C port you can replace basically any low-voltage transformer with something smaller than a quarter. Power bricks are obsolete now. Basically anything that doesn’t run a motor won’t even need wall voltage.

@djsumdog @TwistedEagle

I might sound nuts to a few.. but it is a VERY real possibility for Biden.

This is the time- he already HAS the lowest approved ever, so lower doesn't matter.

It is a Neville Chamberlain "Hitler Treaty " move: "Giving them Taiwan is a small process to pay for PEACE IN OUR TIME..."

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