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Yeah, these mints get marked up quite a bit, and then the fact that it's a proof marks it up even more.

There's a Tweet which is apparently four images of a US Marine Corps related magazine. It discusses the Ukraine war in a way which sounds quite knowledgeable; it rings true as the way a senior officer would assess a potential enemy.

tl;dr The Russians are probably fighting a much smarter war then we're being told

Just got back from our trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Some of our favorite places in the world. Photos can’t capture the magnificence.

#scenic #scenery #landscape #nationalparks #yellowstone #grandtetons

Thousands of illegals crossing the southern border DAILY bringing drugs, disease, and child traffickers, and you're all railing against a 10 year IRS spending plan that'll likely be overturned in next Congress. EYE ON THE BALL, people! #BorderSecurity #pedos #fentanyl

@veer66 And everybody keeps ignoring Fossil 🙁, which would fix the real issue: Bugs, wiki etc. not being clonable. So the next migration will be pain again.

does kim in NK declaring covid over have anything to do with the cdc trying to act like they suddenly dont think its a big deal?

or is it mid terms?

boost this toot if you are opposed to your tax dollars going to subsidize $80K electric vehicles for families earning $300K

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