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I had the kind of adversity growing up that comes from having divorced parents living paycheck to paycheck and occasionally making really bad life choices. It took some work, but I got out of it as a college graduate with a few emotional and physical scars.

Those that have never had to struggle for things like personal safety or their next meal seem to create struggles over much more…mundane things. They don’t know what real adversity is like because they’ve never experienced it.

amr is now online playing Beastie Boys - Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament! tune in here now:



“6 people are allowed for Thanksgiving, but 30 are allowed for a funeral.

So I will be holding a funeral for my pet turkey that will pass away on November 26th.

Refreshments provided.”

I have been pondering 2020 WRT traditional information warfare, and have written a small essay comparing 2020 to the Vietnam-era Tet Offensive:


Corky And The Juice Pigs - REMember

(kind of REM music video parody LOL 🤪)

Snowdusk did 80's on tilderadio, we're keeping it going. Right now it's Suzanne Vega, but some Hot Hot Hot is on the way... join us!

So @Johncdvorak on wealth tax:

Do people with current savings (i.e., already paid perhaps more than 50% income tax on some of it) get treated the same as a current (income tax free) earner/saver?

There's typically a huge cash burn towards end of life (assisted living, nursing care, medical costs), this seems like it makes it hard to save against this?

If you're tired of all the political noise, and would like to think about the possibility that the future might be bright, a cool commentator on the web:

An amazingly simple way to generate a graphic file--from a bash script, even:

vandys is now online playing The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You! tune in here now:

One of the last great discoveries for me as a command line Linux user. rupa-j adds the j/jd to jump to a place you've previously been in your command line history. So if you were working in some huge Firefox source path which included "media", then:

j media

would find it from your history of your CWD's, and jump you there. "jd" is the same, but a pushd.

You will be surprised at how often you want to go back to a place you've been before, and how intuitive it is:

Looking back now, I think the turning point for me voting for Trump *enthusiastically* instead of grudgingly (as I usually vote) was when the fucking CDC came out and said rioting/"protesting" was okay as long as it was for BLM. That was the final straw for me when I was 100% sure that this pandemic was a manipulation being used to damage Trump and we were all just collateral damage. I am voting *against* those people.

So when is someone going to write an actual open source search engine complete with its own crawler and not just a skin on top of some corporate engine

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