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Just finished a first round of actual dev work on a Raspberry PI-400. It's a Pi4 built into a keyboard, running of an SD card. It easily has enough performance to compile/debug, run Firefox or Chrome, and in general be a desktop machine. I'm very impressed!

@Mummabear oi, brexitist lady, you asked me before what book did i buy to make better #noagenda artworks

the answer: this one: -

... and it arrived recently and it's magnificent:

- fresh as released in february 2020

- covers many areas including web design even

- not available electronically but paper form is pleasant to use so i can recommend it to you and everybody else.

Doing an hour of 80's, then an hour of 90's--light rock. Drop by!

#fediverse is like #Twitter but here you're actually allowed to read the tweets

"There’s Still No Viable Open Source Business Model"


SourceHut proves this wrong. Every single line of code we've written is open source, since day one. There are no periodic code dumps, no prototyping in private, no open core with paid extensions. We accept patches from the public. Our company is 100% bona-fide open source.

We've been profitable for 2 years, and our profit margin continues to grow. We published our Q3 financial report last week:

It's still early, and we're still small. We did not take on any outside investments, either. But the model works. You CAN make money in open source.

12,070 medical and public health scientists and 34,973 medical practitioners have signed an anti-lockdown petition called "Great Barrington Declaration", saying lockdowns will cause irreparable damage

This talks about interior air quality, but completely misses the biggest motivation to skimp--energy efficiency. Trying to mix heat exchanges into an otherwise economical air quality solution can make your design unworkable--and unaffordable.

@sir Hey, just tried the latest sxmo OS for the Pinephone. Seems like a lot of rough edges have been cleaned up, and I found this to be a compelling and creative take on what a mobile OS can be! Tomorrow I'll put my SIM into it and try it out as a daily driver.

I have literally never heard anyone say anything negative about craigslist

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These People Want Us Dead

I just don’t care anymore. If I’m going to die from this I’m going to die. Let me. If you’re scared lock yourself up in a hermetically sealed room and crap in a bucket for the legendary “2 weeks.” This is ridiculous and we all know it. Imagine strangers telling you that you can only have 10 people to Thanksgiving dinner. What, because they have “titles” now it’s OK?

If you have not missed a paycheck, I do not care what you think about lockdowns.

People whose paychecks are guaranteed using the force of government to tell others they cannot work is immoral.
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