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The GOP fails to understand that the ONLY war worth fighting right now is the Marxist culture war that is destroying children, families, and soon this country!
I read Andy Ngo's book, which is about his endless research on Antifa scum, how the media and courts protect them and lie about them, and how they inflict violence on any who question them (including Ngo himself, who suffered brain damage from one of their many physical assaults on him).

His mountains of evidence that Antifa is a savage, violent criminal organization (and yes, it is heavily organized, no matter what NPCs on Facebook tell you) are useful, and he even has a chapter about Antifa's 1920s communist origins. I've witnessed (former) friends repeat blatant media lies like "Antifa is an idea, not an organization" and then go on to say that Mitt Romney is a fascist. It's maddening how stupid and easily tricked normies are, so it's good to get the truth out there in book form.

Ngo's book is harrowing. The cruelty and terror from these anarchist/communist shitbags goes on and on, and everyone with power allows it. If Antifa attack you, YOU get arrested and lied about. The book is as bleak as any dystopian novel, except it reflects reality in Piss Earth 2021. Highly recommended.
How is it that every covid variant is immediately referred to by the geographic location of their country’s variant discovery, but it’s racist to refer to covid based on its origination in China?

I don’t think Americans understand how much our country’s media is owned by China.

This still amazes me.. if one of them would have tripped.. :blobcatscared:

A very happy birthday to the man, the myth, and the legend, @Johncdvorak! The Cranky Geek that has inspired us to be Grumpy Old Bens. Have a great day!

The controversy isn’t the Georgia voter law. The controversy is why every GOP state legislature hasn’t passed a similar law.

The controversy isn’t DeSantis banning of vaccine passports. The controversy is why every GOP governor hasn’t done the same.

Play offense.

so how many fucking times did people ask you about 'vaccines' or yammer on about their shots?

its a psychosis, that's what i have to report from my easter interactions

To the disgusting piece of shit human who just ratted out my in-laws for having family over for #Easter, go fuck Just finished egg hunt and then this......Hope you choke on the mask you wear....I really really do...oh and happy Easter. Apparently #cityofbrampton by law officer had a "list" of houses in the area. #thenazisarecoming.

Polish pastor defends his Christian church during Passover and yells at Canadian police "get out, you psychopaths!"

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