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I just spent 2 weeks living almost 100% on solar electricity on my friend’s boat. Quite impressed.

Soon we will finish an upgrade to solar hot water and upgraded storage using salvaged VW EV batteries with 10x power density over the current lead acid. That will allow a 120l per hour water maker.

Then he adds 4 EV outboards to supplement the sails and twin John Deer marine diesels.

What insignia does this senior soldier sport

His Rank
His Combat Infantry Badge
His Parachutist badge (with star device for combat jump_
His Ranger tab
Hi Airborne Unit patch.

That's it.

Not a lot of ribbon or other awards.


1. Rank (power)
2."I have been shot at" badge
3. I have jumped from an aircraft and landed in a fight" badge
4. I'm a Special Operator badge
5. I'm the boss of this here unit badge.

And then he said important words.

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Mayan Ruins: Chichén Itzá

Temple of the Warriors

Each of the 200 columns have a different unique Toltec warrior covered on it.

It's kind of like a hall of fame...


You may mock the retro computing crowd for their fascination with crusty, crumbling hardware, but their shit has instant boot times and can still do telnet.

Half this new HP or Dell shit will be bricked in a few years, soooooooooo

Mexico Adventure Thread: Mayan Ruins


My name is Robert R

I have recently joined Free Atlantis, but some of you know me from SQV where I wrote under the name @TearGasBreakfast or from Gab where I use the screen name @ILoveAmericaNews

Here is a thread to introduce myself.

My plan is for this thread to have 4 parts, 1 part each day for the next 4 days:

1. Chichén Itzá
2. Ek' Balam
3. Cobá
4. Tulum

This will be my first time posting most of these photos. Enjoy!



A local man used to work for the Singer company, the company known for their sewing machines.

One day, he was brought into a meeting and was told, "We really like what you've done with the new machine, but we want you to change this one part," and a small washer was held up.

The man looked at this small part. Then he looked at the people around the room.

And then he spoke.

So cool For CatTurd.... For those that do not think President Trump pays attention...

Most of the people who have played a part in the plan of the globalist elite have had no idea what the grand scheme looks like. From workers in Silicon Valley censoring vital information to employees of Big Pharma companies hiding side effects, from teachers/professors to Hollywood producers, from sell-out politicians to corrupt reporters, from law enforcement to ballot mules, they are now all seeing what they have been participating in: the enslavement of the entire human race. #greatawakening

I just finished listened to yesterday’s No Agenda and I was so excited to hear @adam mention The Written Revolution podcast which is my podcast with @surrealestate!In fact, I may have gasped and done a little dance.😂 So, thanks Adam for doing that! I have no idea what episode it was but you can find our latest episode at or on any Podcasting 2.0 apps and apparently in the NA stream sometimes! Below are two shows we are particularly proud of if you want to check them out!😊

I am all for meeting people where they are, but at this point, if you're an expert in these issues enough to be running a conference on these topics and still using Zoom you just aren't trying, and you are comfortable broadcasting that you don't really care.

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@mhoye Although the community is not that small, overall I guess professional music production is deemed impossible with #FOSS by many people. I can confidently say that it is not :) (

@bbhack @Rsamx1
I'm an IT guy, not a virologist, but I did my research, and was convinced two years ago that the jab was going to be a disaster.

And here we are..

Based on what we know.. there is no excuse.


Eric Matheny 🎙 on Twitter

Climate change and Ukraine are not priorities for working Americans.

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