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GUNFIGHTER160, VF101 Grim Reapers, performs the last F-14 Tomcat Demo at NAS Oceana September 2005. The end of an era.

I was there as my brother lived in Virginia Beach.

Dark colors are the bane of most RGB->CMYK, but I gotta admit I didn't expect the blue of the Pennsylvania plates to come out so dark. It's hard to tell because of the gloss, but it reads almost black.

And, okay, it's a fairly dark blue on screen, but still.

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meanwhile in USA:

most expensive airplane is built for U.S. army: 2.1 billion dollaros americanos, and for duck U.S. army spending so much money that Mars could be colonized hundred times:


If you're not listening regularly, do something about it.

Thatlarryshow is the alternate amygdala shrinker. And entertaining as hell!

meanwhile in Poland:

since Russia started invasion of Ukraine in February:

-- 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees entered Poland

-- 3.3 million Ukrainian refugees left Poland to go to other countries , so 1.9 million Ukrainian refugees stayed in Poland

before Russia war on Ukraine there was 1.4 million Ukrainians already - not refugees just economic migrants so it means there is now in Poland:

3.3 million Ukrainians

Poland is de facto now 2-nation country (not counting small German minority)

In 2014 Ukraine borrowed 17 Billion from the World Bank (IMF). In return they had to lift the ban on private sector land ownership in the country. Since then Monsanto, BlackRock and Vanguard have purchased over 20 million hectares or 70% of all Ukraine farmland

President Trump with last minute endorsement for Eric Grietens, who I like and support!!

Go Eric for the Win!!!

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